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About Sep&Tia

I have been a writer for over 3 years and uploaded once a week since then, I go deep into discussion with each commissioner to bring out just what they want in their story, to reach satisfaction.

My new studies limits my time, thus less space for stories, funds through donations can keep me writing.

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In addition, any money donated above any pledge tier's limit can be converted to SepTia Silver.

SepTia Silver, a currency to purchase commissions or other benefits, each dollar donated over limit = 1 SepTia Silver, which equals 1 dollar (minus patreon deduction).

This allows people to save up money to purchase a commission entirely or partially with stored up SepTia Silver, instead of having to pay all at once.

SepTia Silver is a currency I personally keep track of, and any donation on any platform to Septia can be converted to SepTia Silver.  STS (SepTia Silver) is awarded when the pledge payment has reached me.

SepTia Silver can also be gifted to other people, simply notify me if this is where you want your silver to go. To get any SepTia Silver a message is required to be sent at the end of the month.
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Small donations go a long way, a dollar each for Sep and Tia.

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Basic access to the discord community, able to enter the channel but without behind the scenes access or voting privileges.

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Full discord access, including monthly backstage content and varied voting for subjects, settings and scenarios to be featured in stories.

This tier give access to large versions of icons. Overtime, the more in the tire the more icons will be shared.

Overlimt Pledges Gives SepTia Silver. 

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