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About Sequart Organization

Comics and popular culture get more respect today than ever before. Yet there could be more and better comics / pop-culture criticism.

Sequart Organization has been fighting this battle for over two decades, and we intend on winning it.

Through a website with thousands of articles, over 35 books in print, and 7 documentary films, Sequart Organization wants everything it does to educate, stir thought, and be accessible to a general audience. Yes, we're scholars, but we're not snooty about it. We want you to be able to show us to your friends and say, "Here's a place where comics and popular culture are taken seriously. This organization shows that comics, TV, and film can be every bit as deep as Shakespeare or anything else."

Running a website and a book line and a movie line takes a huge amount of time and money. Google ads don't pay the bills, and 1500-word articles on comics (that take hours or even days to write) can't compete for impressions with 200-word reports of movie gossip or celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.

We need to pay editors if we're going to grow, and we want to pay more writers too. Your contribution will help keep us independent. It will help free us to focus on growing Sequart. It will allow us to expand our offerings online. And it will also help compensate our regular website writers.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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