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Thanks for finding your way to our Patreon. I bet you're wondering who we are!

There are a lot of review shows out there, but very few that treat comic books like literature: a medium that should be taken seriously and addressed like other forms of art.

That's where Sequentially Yours comes in. This is a series dedicated to raising awareness of the importance and artistic merit of comics by treating them as literature deserving of close reading. Our goal is to help people get more out of their comic books and related media like movies, video games, TV shows, and novels. Add a little snark, some yelling, and a dash of testicular torsion and you have a fun, interesting way of impressing your friends the next time a comic book movie hits theaters, or a great new way to enjoy an old hobby.

We currently have four sub-shows we run:
1. Main Show - A deep look into a given subject related to comic books. This is histories of comic companies or characters, analysis of comics, and looks into what makes comics such a fantastic storytelling medium.

2. Initially Mine - Every week I read every comic I can get my hands on with a #1 on it and review them as first books in a series, focusing on how to kick off a comic line.

3. Cinematically Ours - This is a team effort with my wife to review comic book based films. Right now they are vlogs, but we will implement scripted ones if we reach a specific milestone.

4. Editorials - This is everything from my opinions on comic book related events to interviews with professionals in the industry.

Supporting me is supporting a creative endeavor to educate the world about comic books and their literary merit while being as entertaining as possible. The money you donate will go toward production, better equipment, music licensing, and collaborating with other professionals. You're also helping me to focus on creating more high quality content. In exchange, you get behind the scenes videos, bloopers, access to the community, a voice in future content, and so much more.

Thank you for your patronage!
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I bring back Comic Bento unboxing videos. This will compensate for the service and the time it takes to make those videos.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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