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  1) Preview comic pages in their sketch or line art stage before the general public... for Accidental Elemental, you can see these up to page 60. For Yowler and Draggin, this tier covers the whole comic in previews.

2) Be listed in my Credits, which I display on my website, deviantArt, and comic sites, and may choose up to two links to be placed next to your name (think, a personal website or such to which you'd like to draw traffic).

3) You'll get miscellaneous sneak-peeks at stuff I make, such as sketches/works in progress of art pieces, concept art, writing snips, etc, and also get to see step-by-step creation snapshots of more elaborate artworks.

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1) Includes ALL first-tier benefits

2) Comic page previews for Accidental Elemental extend BEYOND page 60 and to the ENTIRE comic

3)A 10% discount off commissions (all types). Look here for commission list:

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1) Includes ALL first and second tier benefits

2) You can read comic storyboards. These are the roughest stage of the pages, and reading them can get you up to 6 pages ahead of where the general public has read.

3)A 25% discount off commissions (all types).  Look here for commission list: 




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Hello! I'm Sequoia the Storyteller, author/illustrator and fantasy storyteller of various mediums. :3 Welcome to my Patreon page! Thanks for coming by! :) 

Here I share graphic novel pages, illustrations/concept art, and occasionally, writing snippets. :) I write and draw in a fantasy style, featuring worlds, characters, and creatures I made up (and many a dragon. :D )

Currently I would like to make graphic novels/comics the main focus of this page. If this page earns enough, it will make working on these comic projects like a job (hopefully at least part-time!), which will increase production and make updates more regular. The comic I would like this for the most is Accidental Elemental (the really long one! ;D )


Accidental Elemental is a dragony-fantasy graphic novel adventure, where the once-whimsical fairytale world seems to have lost its magic. There are four books planned, each divided into several chapters. Patrons, depending on reward tiers, will have access to: page previews in their uncolored line-art phase ahead of the public, storyboards (which can get you several pages ahead), concept art, and/or worldbuilding peeks on occasion (things which will remain secret to the public until they arrive in-story). :)

Yowler and Draggin is another comic project I have right now, much shorter than Accidental, which surrounds human characters and a few colorful-critter ones, and is set in the fantasy-world of Esmeralda. It recalls a day in the life of Mask Face, a young lady with facial deformations, who encounters some unruly children from the nearby kingdom, as well as a dangerous creature called a Yowler who is stalking the moors. This story is but a tiny spinoff of a series I call 'Dreaming Esmeralda', which I am more mysterious about right now because I have it planned as animated films... more on that one day... hopefully. :'D Unlike Accidental, I'm making ALL pages of this one available to all tiers of patrons, since it's so much shorter. :)

~Alongside these comics, patrons will see: Standalone drawings as previews and progress shots (you can see the development of the drawings), occassional written snips from short stories or book segments that I'm brewing, concepts/ideas I'm hatching, and other such exclusive miscellany related to any of my projects. :3

Right now my main places of operation online are:

My website:
And Amazon, where my fantasy books, Harahpin and The Pantorians, are for sale.

Thanks for coming by and EXTRA thanks if you decide to support me here!  <3
$87 of $200 per month
I would like to get to a place where working on comics (A.E. specifically) can be like a part-time job. Ultimately, this page would probably have to generate at least 600 bucks a month for it to be equivalent to a decent part-time income. But I know that’s a tall order, so I’m going to tackle this goal in smaller chunks. The closer I get to achieving this, the more consistently I will be able to work on comics and the faster updates can be released. If I can reach the full 600, I can pretty much guarantee a page a week or potentially even more.

Once I reach 200 I will definitely make a big public thank you to all patrons I have at that point... in the meantime I'll try to think of any other, cooler celebratory activities I could do, ha. :P
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 182 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 182 exclusive posts

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