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Please view my intro video here; Patreon will show it inline in the editor, but not on the live site.

I am a transgender woman, telling my own story in a living, breathing, ongoing multimedia documentary at This is my Public Figure Facebook Page, and on it I share everything from video of performances I'm in to photos of my cats at home with me. I write original blog posts and essays on both my personal life and my perspective on the larger world from within that context. I publish (almost) daily outfit-of-the-day pictures, time-lapse transition progress videos, and more. I engage with page visitors one-on-one, as well as with strangers wherever I am.

I produce all of this content and make it as widely available as I am able free of any charge. I offer these services — answering questions about my own experience of transness, helping others understand their own, writing about my mindfulness practice, etc. — in the same way. However, it does all take time, and it is work. Having a conversation with someone who is lost and questioning their gender is an emotionally draining task, but it is one I do because I am capable of doing it reasonably well, and it is almost always the kindest thing I can do in that situation. My hope is to gain enough support via subscribers to be able to focus more fully on helping people in those ways in which I can be most valuable, as well as to document my life and my thoughts along the way, to improve production values with better equipment, and to expand the audience via paid exposure on various social media platforms.

This video was shot and produced within a few months of my coming out, and uses some language I would even now call outdated, but it is reflective of all of my content: it shows accurately who I was at the time it was produced. On my Facebook Page, I have resolved to never delete anything, as much as possible. I'm not interested in showing you some version of my life that I'd like to have. I'm showing you my actual life, and that includes my many fuck-ups and failings. Some of my old blog posts use language, even to describe myself, that makes me cringe, today. But I leave them up, as-is, because that reflects my journey. It also helps keep me humble; it's hard for me to lay into someone who says "you were born a boy?" when my earliest understandings of my transness were expressed with similar terms. I like remembering that.

My goal is simply to show my basic humanity, to humanize trans women, and by extension, trans people (or "others" generically) broadly. To show the world simply who I am, so thoroughly and constantly that people who think I must be a sex worker, or a pedophile, or a danger to other women, will be forced to recognize that none of those things are parts of my life, because — if nothing else, even if they don't bother looking closely and getting to know me — there is simply not enough unrecorded dead space in which any of them could even happen undetected.

I hope you'll support me in producing this project. It is difficult to describe briefly or encapsulate fully, but then, so is its subject matter: a human life. It is video, performance art, reference library, editorial page, diary, cats, and memes.

Be safe,

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While it is difficult to account for VASH rent offsets that are invisible to me, I suspect this would put me into a sustainable monthly cycle where medication and all regular/normal monthly expenses are covered.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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