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This is the tip jar tier!  For those who want to show their support the quartz sabrewolf is for you, not only do you have my thanks but you also will get news on the happenings in the patreon and other aspects of Smilodon Studio!


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As an opal sabrewolf you will get to see everything that I've been writing up when it comes to short stories, as well as access to the exclusive patreon story poll where I write up a special story just for you!  This tier is perfect for the avid reader who is fond of the transformative and other such things.


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The Amethyst Sabrewolf tier gets you access to book-length WIPs, so if you enjoy curling up with a story this is definitely the tier to look at.  Those of the purple crystal also get a small discount to my sales tier commissions, twitch benefits, a discord role, and can even be chosen to be a part of a story if I need a character!

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About Serathin

*WARNING:  This patreon features features writing and art that is deemed adult and inappropriate for minors.  If you are underage in the state/country you live in to view such material then please do not donate.  If you would like to view my clean stories only please go to Smilodon Studio (website pending) that is free of adult material.*

Hi there, and welcome to my Patreon page!  My name is Serathin, and if you're here you've seen some of my work and are interested in more!  I've been very blessed to create media for the furry community and more so now being able to do it full-time, mostly transformation and rubber themed work but with the thirst to expand.  I can't do it alone though, it's the revenue I get from sites like these that not only continue to allow me to create more furry content but to attend conventions and explore new mediums!

Most of you only know me from the stories that I post or the conventions that I panel, but here I'm hoping to greatly expand!  First and foremost is the ability to create games; I'm starting with a twine-based choose your own adventure but hope to eventually move to more complex game forms!  I'll also be posting WIP's of everything from comic scripts to novels to whatever else I happen to be working on. 

If you're a patreon you have the chance to be directly involved in a lot of these, from polls to choose content in livestreams and even the creation of novels!  Higher up tiers will also get to share my passion of games such as Shadowrun as well as play multiplayer games on Steam.  While nothing here is behind a paywall you will get exclusive access to stories and games here that others won't see for months down the line!

Once again thank you for visiting here, I hope you stay awhile and enjoy everything I have to offer!

$1,625.41 of $2,500 per month
Reaching this goal means I would not only be completely sustainable on patreon alone, but I would also be at the same level as if I had never left my day job.  Not only would it be a pinnacle of success for me to be able to say that I am doing this well but also be a validation of my choice of career.   Should I ever reach this goal not only would I put my entire library of books to download for free but I would also try and arrange something big once a month for a patreon exclusive, whether it be a con event, a huge on-line game, a patreon exclusive comic, or even something like a furmeet at my place. 
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