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I am a semi-retired Englishman with a life-long passion for photography. I started taking pictures aged 8 with a camera I got from a slot-machine whilst on holiday with my father at Butlins. My aunt then gave me a Kodak Box Brownie but things really got going when I was aged 10. For my birthday I was given a camera kit that consisted of the Halina Paulette Electric, a case, a flash (the old style ones with a dish that opened up like some radar dish!), a roll of film and a slide viewer. The film was a Kodachrome 64 and I was hooked!

Now I am aged 60, I have built up a library of literally thousands of images. I have several cameras though my main one is a Fujifilm X-T2 with the 50-140mm F2.8R LM OIS WR lens and the 1.4x Teleconverter. I also use adapters to attach various legacy lenses. My two favourites are the Carl Zeiss Biogon 2.8/28mm and the Carl Zeiss Sonnar F2.8/90mm (both Contax G fitting). These are two fantastic lenses and I have been a fan of Carl Zeiss lenses ever since I owned the Yashica FRII with CZ 1.7/50mm T*. I loved it even more with my Contax 139 - a match made in heaven.

So, why am I on Patron, you are probably asking and what’s in it for you as a Patron? For many years I have been taking photos related to documenting life as I see it, some of it cause-related such as images of Kurdish refugees in the late 1980’s or along some theme, such as street photography or landscapes.

What I want to do now, is to print some of my images and to offer them as limited editions and in book form, whilst developing my portfolio with new work. In the past I worked as a freelance photographer for a publisher but that work had a very specific focus. They published a nursing journal (Professional Nurse) and so images related to articles in the journal. I enjoyed my time with them as it combined my interests in nursing (I was a qualified nurse at the the time and so had plenty of contacts in the NHS and private sectors). It helped me to gain experience of shooting to a brief with tight deadlines, dealing with not only my client (the publisher) but also my subjects, their families and those in charge of the ward. I also did some commercial work for the company that owned the nursing agency I worked for part time.

I have had images published in the Nursing journal and used in promotional material for the nursing agency I worked for. I also sold images via Fotolia and other agencies. If you want to see examples visit Getty ImagesEyeEm and Fotolia. I have had my work appraised in the past. I had a friend who was a photographer and taught photography. He had a darkroom in his cellar, which I had free use of and he would give his opinion on the end result, along with his wife, who was also very creative and was a set designer for a major theatre in Manchester. Sadly they have moved back to New Zealand and we have lost touch. It’s certainly too far away to use his darkroom too!

Recently I had some images reviewed by LensCulture. The positive remarks in their review persuaded me to submit a larger body of work for a gallery review. I am nervously awaiting the outcome of that. I have decided that having explored other options of what to do with my life from hereon, that I should focus on my photography. I hope that others will join me on the journey and together we can produce some great art. With your support I will be able to create a body of work that will stand the test of time but will also bring pleasure to those who view it.

So, how will this work, you must be asking? For those new to Patreon (including me!) the way it works is that Patrons sign up to support my work with a monthly subscription and that you get exclusive rewards. There can be several levels of subscription, with each one coming with its own rewards. You can check out the rewards in the appropriate section.
So, what will I be doing with the money raised from my patrons? Well, as mentioned above in the rewards section, there will be tutorials and videos uploaded to my Patreon account on a regular basis. This will be at least once a month, but hopefully more often. I will be posting each week about what I am up to, along with examples of work from my current project. It will mean that my patrons will get to know about my work first and be able to follow what I am up to. From time to time I hope to provide one-off extra rewards for my patrons. These will either be ‘freebies’ or special offers for patrons only. If I ever do get an exhibition, patrons will be the first to know about it and get a personal invitation from myself, assuming you can make it.

Thanks for choosing to be a patron. I am looking forward to our shared journey!
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