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Hello! My name is Alan, and I make comics, animation, and other things. Thanks for visiting!

This Patreon supports my online comic Detox Camp, which updates 2x a week. This is the story of Kiro, who foolishly gets herself sent to a camp for Internet addicts in the Alaska wilderness. It is a story of survival, friendship, weird conspiracies, and dealing with a horde of unhinged young adults with cabin fever.

By contributing to this Patreon, you directly support the future production of this comic, as well as making possible a number of bonus perks and improvements, such as more frequent comic updates!

Some panels I like
Note that Patreon payments recur monthly, so if you pledge $1 USD, it is $1 upfront on the day you pledge then $1 on the first day of each subsequent month. You can alter your pledge at any time as needed. Also, it's tax deductible so that's pretty cool

Here's some goals I would like to achieve with this Patreon:
  • Increased number of updates each month
  • Higher resolution art
  • Early access to side stories, bonus art and illustrations
  • alternative mobile-friendly comic website
  • A series of animated shorts (!!)

Thanks again for stopping by, and thanks for at least considering supporting my comic!
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1-2 extra comic updates every month! Help me produce the comic faster.

Also, I will announce the # of patrons required to reach the Animation goal. (animated short based on chapter 1, and production shots will be posted here regularly!)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 118 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 118 exclusive posts

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