Andreas Kling

is creating the Serenity Operating System

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About Andreas Kling

Hello friends!

I'm building an operating system from scratch, based on how computers used to feel to me as a kid. I grew up with Visual Basic on Windows 3.11, and later discovered the joy of Unix starting with Slackware.

Serenity is a love letter to '90s user interfaces, with a custom Unix-like core. It flatters with sincerity by stealing beautiful ideas from various other systems.

My goal is to build a system that's good enough to use as my main operating system, and then to keep developing it further while keeping the original vision in mind. I don't have any specific hardware in mind, and right now I'm only targeting the QEMU virtual machine. I've also never studied operating systems or developed them professionally, so I'm learning this as I go.

I regularly post raw videos of me working on various parts of the system to my YouTube channel. I also run a video series called "Commute talk" which is a mix of lightning talks and Q&A recorded while I drive to work in the mornings.

Everything I do is open source, and available on the project's GitHub repo.

I occasionally blog about the system on my page.

Serenity has been featured on sites like Hacker News (first timesecond time), and /r/programming.

The first demo video was at 6 months old: Serenity OS demo (March 2019). I've been doing regular monthly update videos since, you can find all of them in the posts archive here on Patreon!

If this speaks to you in any way, then perhaps you would consider supporting my project!

As of 2021-05-28, this is now my full time job! Thanks to all the amazing supporters for making this possible :D

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