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About Stefan Roots

Hi, I'm Stefan.

Since 2006, I've been writing about my hometown of Chester, PA. and in 2010 the Chester Spotlight community paper morphed into the Chester City Blog. In 2017, I expanded coverage to include topics besides those coming out of Chester when I considered how many of my readers are not from Chester. The blog is now called the Stefan Roots Blog.

I thank all of you who have visited, subscribed, commented, and shared stories from the blog with others all these years. I will continue to bring your important stories from Chester, thought provoking opinions on a variety of topics, exciting and educational audio and video presentations, and a lot of humor, all for FREE.

I love to create content and I do it as a labor of love, but you can imagine that all this writing takes time and effort. Producing content doesn't come with a cost, and although it's not astronomically high, it's still money out of my pocket. 

For the first time in my 11 years of a community journalist, I'm giving readers the opportunity to reach into your wallets to show your appreciation for the work I do.

Your contribution to the Stefan Roots Blog will help defray the cost of web hosting, the subscriptions to the various publications I draw topics from, the books I purchase for your review, and the equipment I use like computers, cameras, and recording devices. 

A small investment will allow me to continue to improve the quality of my content and give you the opportunity to feel like a partner in this enterprise. Consider giving me a dollar (or however much you like) each month to help me bring you value, information, news, entertainment, announcements, and opinions. 

Don't fell like you have to become a patron. I will continue to make free content whether you donate or not. 

But, for those of you who enjoyed free placement of your press releases for all these years that reached my great audience of readers, you are now asked to provide a small fee to continue to have those press releases published. I will continue to post them exactly as you submit them without any editing out a single word of your important announcements.

The Stefan Roots Blog is gaining national exposure as I expand the stories I cover. And, the number of people across the country who are interested in what's going on in Chester, PA continues to grow which never ceases to amaze me.

Thanks for your contribution. It's great to have you as part of the team. 



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