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Incorporate Satan's magick into your  life in a seamless, practical way through useful tools such as a weekly Daemon Tarot card, and a monthly spell created for Patreons only, in your inbox on the 9th of every month.

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Ancient Bronze perks, plus a monthly sound  meditation to engage you in a constructive and insightful dialogue with your inner Satan.

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Volcanic Rock perks, plus a monthly message from Satan exclusively for Patreons on the 16th of each month. You will also receive a monthly magickal electronic collage you can use as background on your laptop, cellphone, tablet, etc. Extra special, one-time perk: you will receive one Satanic affirmation and sigil (in PNG format) created by me, especially for you i.e. that nobody else in the world has; which you can then reproduce in any way you deem fit or place anywhere you wish. 



About SerpensRubrum

My name is Bere, and I am a Satanic Witch. 

I am a champion of truth and knowledge. My mission: to bring the truth to light, no matter how uncomfortable or challenging. 

I adopt a practical, spontaneous, intuitive, and tangible approach that has more to do with chaos magick than with other types of witchcraft. If you're seeking for a more ceremonial or traditional approach, you probably won't find what you're seeking here. My personal brand of Satanic Magick & Witchcraft incorporates principles from LaVeyan Satanism, Luciferianism, and some Wiccan traditions. This is what I believe and what has worked for me. In my practice, I take a theistic approach to Lucifer – Satan but I am keen on many aspects of LaVeyan Satanism, as well as Luciferianism. I also often work with the powers of the Moon and with the aid of Lilith, depending on the matter at hand. 

Satan is the name with which christians more frequently refer to Lucifer, the ultimate angel who was expelled from heaven for daring to question and disagree with “God”. For me, Lucifer is the is the speaker of truth, the bringer of light, he fears no shadow for he knows that every beautiful thing or being contains as much darkness as it does light. Lucifer also is a christian personification of the morning star, the light of Venus. He is beauty and sensuality and self-love and also the material world and the ‘earthly’ delights. He brings pleasure and realization. I too refer to Lucifer as ‘Satan’ and refer to myself as a Satanist because “Satan” means “the enemy, the opponent, the outsider”. Thus I use a name meant to disqualify or vilify, and each time I use it I give it domain and relevance above the structures of christianity/catholicism that have always strived to undermine humans and deprive them of the light of knowledge and of their freedom of thought and action.

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