Ka Amorastreya is creating paintings, wearable art, performance art, & an online art academ


$2 /mo
Thanks, darlin'. I appreciate you!  Welcome to my world.

You will get the first look at every new creation I make, whether it is a painting, headdress, poem, photograph, or any other...


A little extra love

$5 /mo
You see it all first, and you get a little extra love on the side. I'll send out a few surprise behind the scenes shots and vids, plus other sweet musings.

You will also get an 10% d...


The inside scoop

$10 /mo
You get all the perks above, plus, I will share the progress of my current projects and my process, via behind the scenes photos and videos. 

You will get an intimate look into my wo...



$20 /mo
You get everything listed above, 
plus connection. If I'm looking for another set of eyes, or the name of a new piece, I'll ask you first. I'd be delighted to consider your input when I'm stuck...


$50 /mo
You get everything listed above, plus VIP perks. These perks include an 8x10, signed archival quality paper print of every new painting I finish. 

You will get access to monthly VIP ...


Personal hero status

$100 /mo
You get everything mentioned above, plus first dibs and personal hero status. Really, Thank you. I feel the love. Wow. Thank you. 

Instead of an 8x10, you will receive a 12x16 signed...



$200 /mo
Things are getting whimsical in here. OMG. you are as wonderful as encountering a unicorn on a summer's saunter through a golden forest. 

Because you're so amazing, I am elated to gi...


Angel Mega Star

$555 /mo
Really!? Are you real? Yes! You are! You are an angel straight from the heart of heaven! Thank you for breathing so much life into my work and existence. 

You get everything I've men...