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About Francesca Mariano

Hello! My name is Francesca Mariano, I am a movement and sound artist, independent dance researcher and Reiki healer from Milan, Italy.

I've created this Patreon page to share with you practical and non-conventional information, resources and discoveries about the body at the crossroads of movement, energy and healing. I believe these tools are for everyone and dance is not exclusive to professionals. 

Over the years, I've developed an experimental research method to works with the body in relationship to landscape, nature/technology, hydro-feminism and healing. 

Despite the access to so much information on the wide web, there is still a big gap between mainstream and non-conventional knowledge on the practices we can do to foster spiritual alignment and artful living. 


By subscribing to my Patreon, you will receive monthly exclusive content on:

  • Energetic exercises to feel grounded and nourished
  • Evidence-based theoretic material on somatic energetic practices for healing
  • Performance exercises to work creatively with life challenges
  • Exclusive research material on: Mythology and Dance, Somatic Healing, Performance, Dance Ethnology, Scoring
  • Sound resources to work creatively with the body
  • Email exchange for questions
  • Discounts to community workshops 
  • Discounts for private online and in-person consultations
  • Periodic booklists with the best books and papers on Dance and Healing 

A little bit more about my background...
I am inspired by the intelligence of the body and its cycles of becoming. My love and commitment for dance and the healing arts has guided me to study, work and research in Brazil, USA, UK and Italy, collaborating and learning from incredible humans and artists. 
I am trained in Somatic Movement Arts and Personal Embodiment at Anna Halprin’s Tamalpa Institute (USA) and the Silvestre Dance Technique (Brazil).
I hold a teaching diploma from the Brighton School of Embodied Therapy (UK) and Reiki Practitioner Certificate (Italy).
I've developed a cross-dimensional and holistic approach to movement which has been featured in international programs, performing and teaching, amongst others, at the University of California Santa Barbara (USA), de Young Museum (USA), the Architectural Association School (UK), Fondazione Lac O Le Mon (IT), Studio Concreto (IT), Hot House Series (IT), Virgin & Martyr (IT), WOVO (IT), Combo (IT), Depuratore (IT), Nuova Atlantide (IT). I collaborate on performance with multiple realities and musicians, gaming at the crossroads of frictional unrealism. 

All of this sounds really fun and exciting and it truly is, I wake up grateful everyday. But to work in the arts&care sector can become draining and unsustainable. Thank you so much for supportin! <3

In the recent years, I've developed two main research practices and community workshops: 

A dance workshop on myth, anatomy, movement and landscape: inhabiting landscape (digital-physical-metaphorical) and creating rituals of collective care. In these workshops we create safe environments to experiment dance and bridge feedback through writing, drawing and sound. The term Archaeo refers both to a collective archaic, malleable past in which to fictionally interpret symbols and archetypes in relation to the found objects and elements of the landscape which temporarily hosts us. It also refers to our personal archive and archeology, to research and find our creative gems & gestures, inspired by the shapes, textures, words and sounds evoked during our explorations. 
Archaeo Choreology can happen on Zoom, near a water stream, on the beach, in a bedroom, in a studio filled with sound vibrations. It is a nomadic, evolving, performative space for individual and collective creation.

A research-based dance workshop on bodily waters, fluid systems resonance and planetary water streams as carriers of information. A hydro-feminist quest! This workshop focuses on working with the water element, associated in all cultures with the womb-belly area of the body, through sound making, body shaking and performance: creating space for vulnerability, trust and pleasure as our birth right and with no shame! 

The workshops happen periodically and by subscribing, you can join them at a discounted rate <3

Some links:

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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