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Weekly Cosmic Climate
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Enjoy a weekly Cosmic Climate forecast and oracle reading. Learn what cosmic energy is present and how to best utilize it for your personal intentions.

The Seeker
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The Seeker has access to participating in a monthly LIVE Q&A session with me. Ask me your any questions on the various topics that I study and teach. Weekly Cosmic Climate and oracle reading is available for these patrons.

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As a Practitioner you can participate in a monthly class on topics such as astrology, tarot, cosmology, mythology, etc. Practitioners can vote on what topic they would like to learn for the upcoming month.

Also included, Live Q&A and weekly Cosmic Climate and oracle.




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About Serpent Science

I AM an evolutionary astrologer, channel and scientist. I have been studying western astrology for over ten years and graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in astronomy and physics. I have an instinctual drive to build a bridge between science and spirituality. My quest for universal truth and the purpose of human existence, collectively and individually, is endless. I AM a lifetime student of universal truths, seeking to understand how we as humans can work with these energies to experience oneness here on Earth. By having the ability to share and teach these principles and observations this journey is cyclical.

As a channel I connect with ascended masters, angels and other high dimensional beings for guidance in comprehending universal energies. These connections enable me to bring clarity to those who seek higher knowledge. I AM a bridge between this world and others and an interpreter of the stars. My purpose is to guide others on their unique cosmic journey, utilizing astrology and quantum principles. I have studied various subjects and perspectives on cosmology, theology, tarot, astral travel and alchemy. I'm eager to share these insights with you. 

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I will begin studying coursework for segment two and three of certification in Evolutionary Astrology.
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