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About Sershen&Zaritskaya

Shout out to all the rock and metal lovers out there!       

Daria and Sergey here :) Our project is about adding our personal touch and feel into music we love. It's all about bringing new energy and modern feel to our favourite old school classics and popular hits we all love so much. Basically it can be any song that resonates with us and with YOU. 

This is a fully independent total DIY project - from arrangements, recording, mixing&mastering all the way to filming and editing. All done at our home studio (Sershen Music Studio). 

As some of you may know, we don't release videos very often (once a month at best) and BECOMING A PATREON for us is great way for you to Motivate us to keep making more music!  We try to improve both visual and the sound because we want each new video to be better than the last! And here's how YOU can help us. Support us and get rewards in return!

Here's how it works:

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It's simply as that! :)
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'What do I get back from you?'

With different levels of membership you will get access to many privileges :) Ranging from free MP3s and all our stuff in maximum quality to personalized thank you video messages, live streams, backstage bloopers and many other goodies! See the right sidebar for a full list of privileges you get!

But the most popular question is...

'Do you guys make any ORIGINAL music, or covers is the only thing you can do and gonna do till the rest of your lives?' 

 Yes, we do ORIGINAL music, and we've already done a few cool tunes. :) But covers is a great way to get more recognition because we want our own music to reach as many people's hearts as possible!
Music industry is very tough and there's only a handful of people in this world who can make it in this insane business. And if you think this could be US you're on the right page!
Apart from the music itself it also requires some clever marketing strategy, professional video production etc. That's why we need your support! <3

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned and Rock on!
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