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Health Care/More Serials
$300 per month
When storytelling covers my family's health care premiums, I'll share stories exploring popular characters from all my worlds and classic SF stories that I love, on top of weekly serials and monthly Patron exclusive fiction!
Day job haitus/TWO serials every week!
$700 per month
I will take a break from narrating for other authors and use that time to write, edit and release TWO episodes every week instead of one. (I'll still have to work consulting jobs to make ends meet).
Landlord Paid, Embiggened Serials!
$980 per month
Okay, mortgage, not rent. At this level, writing now covers my share of recurring monthly utilities and home costs and I can write more, edit more, and present to you longer, more badass serial adventures.
Minimum Wage, TWO CHANNELS!
$1,260 per month
I'll release TWO channels of ongoing serial adventures, twice a week, when I achieve minimum wage by my storytelling alone.


Writer and Storyteller.


Ontario, Canada

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Who am I?
I'm John Mierau. I write serial adventures about near-future conspiracies (Enemy Lines), alternate history (Asunder), a shared universe where I play with other authors and narrators (Walk The Fire) & more. There's always a free story on ServingWorlds: right now it's the 60-part space opera serial Farlost. I tell stories that are smart and action-packed, featuring strong characters grounding edge-of-your-seat adventures.

Sample past serials:

My books are available from Kindle and Audible but start out as web serials you can read & hear for free. I've been serializing chapters and podcasting audio episodes since 2009.

In my Walk The Fire universe, I work as editor and 'show runner' with other talented authors & narrators to create an ongoing setting where characters and settings recur.

I enjoy sharing concept art, snippets, sneak peeks and more with Patrons.

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