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Low-Key Lovelies

$1 /mo
Access to vote in various polls on my Patreon feed regarding shows and episodes I have watched that week & upcoming videos on my YT channel. You will also be the only votes counted for the next...

Lannister Lovelies

$5 /mo
Access to Patreon Feed with updates & photos about upcoming videos & projects. 

Also access to Sneak Peeks for some upcoming videos and reactions. 

Access ...


Lucille Lovelies

$10 /mo
Access to a Monthly Chat Video where I talk uncensored about the shows I'm currently watching & reacting to. 

You will be able to leave suggestions for Special Lucille Lovelies V...


Leaf on the Wind Lovelies

$20 /mo
Access to Videos such as SesskaVlogs, Movie Trailer Reactions, Bloopers, Deleted Reactions cut from the YT Uploaded Version & Full Reactions for big episodes. 

Includes Previous ...