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  • For the price of a Soylent a month you join one of the most fulfilling communities in the world. Being a part of the Sethward club you get to connect with professional absurdists!
  • Link to AD-FREE sketches
  • Sethward Suffrage - you get to vote on suggestions for future projects
  • Free or discounted tickets to live shows
Includes Discord benefits
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You'll receive everything from the sweetheart level, plus:
  • Access to roughcuts to sketches not yet published online
  • Story updates on @sthwrd Instagram 'Close Friends' list exclusive to Patreon
  • Behind the scenes pics and video of shoots and content creation exclusive to Patreon 
  • Live streams exclusive to Patreon and Youtube Memberships 
Includes Discord benefits


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You'll receive everything from previous reward levels, plus:

  • One-time Sethward T-Shirt your choice, One-time personalized Sethward "Cameo" Shout Out Video, OR One-time 8x10 signed photograph of your choice. (International shipping rates may apply)

Includes Discord benefits

About Sethward

Welcome to the exclusive all things Sethward club! Sethward's been making videos for like a billion years, but now is the time to level up. Your Patreonage will allow more video production, more characters, better crotch censorship, and most importantly MORE MUSTACHE. Get some stinking cool rewards and join the Sethworld community--who knows, you may find your future fiancé here!

Why Patreon, why Sethward?

As of 2021 Sethward has over 74 sketches and comedy vids that have not yet been uploaded. It’s time to finalize these videos and get them to the masses. By joining this Sethward Patreon community, you're the first person to see these projects, you’ll get behind the scenes/extra content, and you become a member in a community that decides the fate of an absurdist comedian living in LA shaking up the Hollywood scene. What animal costume should he run around in next, what video needs to be uploaded to grace the internets? You get to decide.


Access to community and content, hangouts, Sethward services and Merch are just some of the exclusive Patreon rewards offered.

  • Get exclusive BTS (Weekly Insta Close Friends posts)
  • Join an exclusive forum of absurdist fans sharing thoughts and opinions
  • Early access to projects before they’re finalized
  • Exclusive live streams/digital forum/AMAs
  • Let's builds Lego chats and chills
  • Productivity art meetups
  • Discounted and sometimes FREE tickets to live shows
  • Vote on content/polls/suggestions for future videos and characters
  • Be introduced to the community with shoutouts and into the credits to future videos
  • Video calls with advice/consultation/private coaching from Sethward, the record holder for most television talent show rejections.
  • Free memorabilia like props from a video/character
  • T-shirts with Sethward characters/illustrations
  • High quality Stickers to decorate expensive things like cars, computers, or cattle!


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