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About Seventh Tower

Hello there, my little Coven!
My name is Frank Daniel Duarte, and I have a cat named Cat Face. I've been a tattoo artist and freelance illustrator for over 10 years. And I love what I do. I'm very passionate in creating things for people.
But. . .
I've had this long running dream of mine that I never thought was possible: to draw comics. Since as far back as I can remember I'd doodle my own stories, from Spider-man to Superman. To be honest with ya, I grew up in a pretty poor family, so drawing my own comics was the only real way I could get a hold of them, and in doing that it eventually became a hobby. I would go beyond the *insert animal here*-man stories and start conceptualizing my own ideas and characters. As I grew older, however, I started to realize just how hard that dream was going to be for me to achieve, and I put it aside for a long number of years. Until now.

As of now I am working on two separate series at the same time and my Patreon is to help keep that comic train a-chuggin. New series might come and go as I complete them, but the main focus is my original graphic novel. So, without further delay, I would like to present you all to my long efforts of years of failures, self doubts, practice, and sacrifice in my original graphic novel I call "Gravehill".  And the comic book adaption of the highly praised and critically acclaimed Vektor album "Terminal Redux", that I will be working with closely with the singer, Dave, to complete as authentically and accurate as possible

"Gravehill" will be on a FREE 2 page per week release period on my website, and "Terminal Redux" on a FREE 1 page a week period. BUT through Patreon I will be offering my patrons access to early pages to both series once completed (about 3 chapters ahead of the website), exclusive prints by me and other guest artists mailed to you, chapter bundles when an issue is completed, and other various neat goodies! (I'm working on making shirts soon too)

We live in an age where most things we can dream are possible. But regardless if this comic sees any kind of mainstream support doesn't really matter to me. This is my passion project. This is my dream. And I will do it even if there isn't anyone reading. But I do want to say THANK YOU to anyone that DOES want to help and support. I am beyond grateful and humbled by the 1 or 100 who make that decision to help this old artist, and I will be forever appreciative. I will treat you will love and respect as you have shown me.
Thank you.


"Gravehill" is a western based story about occult magic and witchcraft. It takes place in a different world where witchcraft forms the highest religion and everyone worships. Those who don't follow the written word are punished by the fire and the gun. Our story follows an unnamed hero, who comes from a small town named Gravehill, as he fights tooth and nail, to get revenge for his murdered brothers. Along the way he befriends Death and they make a pact to rid the world of the evil holy patriarch and his Crimson Coven of 7 witches that reign with an iron fist. But first the hero must traverse vast landscapes and grueling trials to battle each witch so he can win the 6 towers they guard. Once all 6 are won, he will be given access to the lost 7th tower, where the Red King of Witches waits. Will he have his revenge? Or will the witches be fed?

GRAVEHILL CHAPTER INDEX (for patrons tier 1):
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GRAVEHILL CHAPTER INDEX - HI-RES PDF's TO DOWNLOAD (for patrons  tier 2 and above):
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Awoken from cryosleep a lone astronaut fights for his life and his sanity. But when granted power beyond comprehension, how will he use it? To better the universe? Or to destroy it?

TERMINAL REDUX CHAPTER INDEX (for patrons tier 1):
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TERMINAL REDUX CHAPTER INDEX (for patrons tier 2 and above):
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If you're not a Patron you can read my comics on my website below! And you can keep up-to-date with all my illustrations on Instagram!
Instagram: SeventhTowerArt

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 195 exclusive posts

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