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  • POLLS: Vote in some polls for your favorite characters and other stuff
  • DOODLES: Get some colored doodles every month in high res (5100px x 3600px), most with additional versions. Can be ecchi, topless, nude or even hentai. 
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  • WORK IN PROGRESS: I’ll post 1-3 WIP images in the activity feed here on Patreon!
  • WALLPAPERS: Get a bunch of them for your PC (2560px x 1440px)
  • EARLY ACCESS: Get all drawings, 2 days before I post them anywhere else!
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  • SUGGESTION: Every month you can suggest at least one character! All suggestions will be put into a poll, all patrons will be able to vote and I'll draw the winner!
  • OTHER STUFF MAYBE? If I do something different or new, you'll know first, get sneak peeks or be able to get your hand on it before I post stuff anywhere else!
EXTRA SET!Special Offer • 10 days left
Choose 1 previous set of your choice as an extra, more infos:



About Sevie

Hi! I'm Sevie, a digital artist and fan of Anime, Manga, Hentai & Games! I love drawing boobies all the time.

I do a bunch of drawing and doodles every month! To get an idea about my drawings and me, you can check out my social media and stuff:

✧| Newgrounds | Pixiv | Twitter |✧
✧| Redbubble |✧

Now let’s shift attention to Patreon! Patreon is a Crowdfunding service, which provides the opportunity to support the artists you like financially and also on a regular basis. It’s like kickstarter, but reguarly. Well... maybe it’s more like a twitch subscription, but for creators of all kinds!

What you need to become a patron:
– a Patreon account
– a Paypal account or a credit card
– a few bucks to spare

Supporting via Patreon is of cource absolutely optional! Thanks for reading so far!

Patrons get access to my illustrations of the current month, including exclusive versions, work in progress posts, high resolution, early access, wallpapers, etc!ヽ(๑♡ᴗ♡๑ )ゝ
Please read the Tier descriptions and take a look at these examples: click!

If you have any questions, check my following mini FAQ. If you still have questions, feel free to message me or check the „Patreon Help Center“.

How does pledging works?
You must have a Patreon account and also a payment option. As far as I know, there is only the possibility to pay via Paypal and credit card. Patreon charges you at the beginning of a month. If you join somewhere in the middle of a month, Patreon will charge you immediately.

How and when will I get my rewards?
Patreon has an Activity-Feed (similar to a Twitter/Facebook-Timeline or a Blog). I will post some things exklusive for Patrons there or I will share things via the messaging system regularly.

Can I get past rewards?
Yes. While in Tier 3 you get only the rewards of the current month, you can choose one of the previous month's set if you pledge on Tier 4!

Is it possible to back you financially in some other ways?
There is the possibility to buy stuff in my Redbubble shop. I get around 20% on every sale from Redbubble, so take this way, if you want some cool shirts, posters or other stuff.
Another option, if you have some bucks to spare and you want to make me a small gift, check my Amazon Wishlist : ) There are mainly Manga listed, so you can order one and Amazon should do the rest!

Is it possible to pledge a single time?
Sure. Just pledge for one month and then quit. That's no problem! : )

Is it possible to spend less or more than 5$ or 10$?
Sure. You can also pledge 1 or 2$! You won't get all the rewards, but you still get some of them and of course my gratitude. And as far as I know, you can plegde as much as you want,… whether 1$, 13$ or 37$. You can also choose for example Tier 3 (5$) because of the rewards and edit the amount to 6$ or whatever.

66% complete
Awesome! Another great milestone! (۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶✧
This will help me a lot to work my very best for you, dear patrons! Living the dream! Drawings boobies all day! And eating sushi and fish every day! Fish is expensive, urghs... But I love sushi!

As a token of gratitude, I’ll try to do some kind of special! Not sure yet what that special will be, but I’m sure it will just be as awesome as you!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1129 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1129 exclusive posts
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