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Ian Fidance, of You Up With Nikki Glaser, teams up with former Impractical Jokers producer Jay Miller to rewatch the classic HBO series Sex And The City. Jay has seen every episode and believes that Sarah Jessica Parker is a national treasure. Ian has never seen an episode, yet somehow hated it, but is slowly learning to love it as they enter the 2nd season of the show. Each week these two comics, known for their brutal oversharing, break down each episode and how it relates to the storylines of their own lives. 


We've started a Patreon to share more content and become closer to our listeners. We always keep our episodes to under an hour but we always have more to talk about. This is our way to create more content for you every week. Extra episodes, extra videos, extra photos and extra Max!!  

We thank you for coming along with us so far and we're excited to experience together all the future weirdness we have planned for you. 

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