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  • Life changes: Stuff like getting married, sex for the first time, opening up, heartbreak, disability, new parents, late blooming...
  • Identity: Gender, Dom/sub, Sexual Orientation.
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About Sex Nerd Sandra

I'M BAAAAACK. Hi. Sex Nerd Sandra here. I'm making lighthearted, curiosity-driven sex ed episodes interviewing scientists, practitioners and perverts about their passions.

After many years with a podcast network, and a few years hiatus to recharge, I’m now an independent podcaster! While being part of a network has immense benefits (over 15 million downloads, 200+ episode with the support of a podcast department and ad team) I’ve had some epiphanies.

REASON #1: I only want to answer to you. That means NO ADS. I’ve learned to trust you, my listeners and fellow sex nerds. I’ve met folks of our ilk all over the world and am repeatedly bowled over by the warmth, intelligence and generosity of people I’m honored to call listeners. If we can keep the Sex Nerd Sandra podcast flowing out fresh goodness, and have a rad time doing it, we all win.

REASON #2: I’m a student. Surprise! I’ve been taking pre-med courses during my hiatus. My plan is to apply to doctor of physical therapy programs to eventually be a pelvic health specialist. That’s right. Prostates, vaginas and PC muscles, oh my!

REASON #3: I need to keep it simple. Part of why I had to stop releasing episodes for a long while is I burned out and suffered medically from spinning too many plates. I’ve learned to stay healthy by prioritizing only what is necessary. This podcast is necessary to me. I love to do it. I miss it and I miss you.

Many folks at first think "Sex Nerd" is just some provocative catch phrase I use to get attention. Ew no. In 2009, it was the only way I could efficiently communicate what I am and how I relate to the world. I was teaching a lot of BJ & orgasm classes back then and that quickly evolved into the Sex Nerd Sandra podcast (formerly on Nerdist). While I love to overshare about neato sex info, I’ve never felt like a sexpert, and always felt like a sex nerd. I hope we continue to learn together. 

So let's do this! Please join me on Team Fun! and support open-minded, unswervingly curious and always sex-positive conversation for your ear holes. 

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By $3,000/month, I can feed myself, pay taxes AND expand the accessibility of the show. Now THAT'S sex positive!

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