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is creating exclusive behind the scenes content of life in non monogamy.
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About Sex Uninterrupted

We are Taara and James - the creators of Sex Uninterrupted! We started our company when we embarked on our relationship journey nearly six years ago. We made a decision that we did not want to fit the societal “norm” when it came to relationships, sex and dating. We wanted to open things up…

And that’s just what we did! We adopted a consensual non monogamous approach when it came to our relationship and for six years now we have explored the consensual non monogamous lifestyle together. We created our relationship by design and so happy that we made that choice.

As we experienced life in non monogamy we decided to share what we learned on our blog Sex Uninterrupted. People responded it was genuine, real, informative content and that inspired us to do more.

What started as a blog quickly expanded! We now produce and host a weekly radio show on Voice America's Variety Channel, offer coaching services, travel to events all over the world to talk about non monogamy and are a leading voice in the millennial generation when it comes to consent, sexuality and relationships. We want people to understand that they have a choice when it comes to the type of relationship they want!

We love having a platform to share our exclusive content with our followers and listeners! Our website and social media are primarily for education - but on Patreon - we get to play and be ourselves! This is THE place we share our private photo shoots, never before seen travel photos, erotica writing and more!

With your Patreon pledges, we will have the opportunity not just to keep Sex Uninterrupted independent, but to do more. We are excited to have the ability to give back to you through this setup. We can’t wait to share even MORE about ourselves through exclusive content! The bonus is that we get to reinvest your pledges into building and expanding SU. We want to keep our content real, raw and unfiltered. Our overall goal is to create a safe, sane space for people to learn more about their sexuality and create their own relationship by design.

Without your love, support, and encouragement, we wouldn’t even be here, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We understand if you don’t have money to pledge, which is why we offer free content too! Make sure to subscribe to our radio show on Soundcloud or iTunes, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We love it when you give us feedback, so make sure to send us feedback, reviews, comments and tweets!!!

xoxo Taara & James
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Things are getting serious! Our line of biz is not cheap and this would help so much with purchasing MUCH NEEDED EQUIPMENT. We are working on one laptop and desktop that are old and slow! Plus a new camera for filming and photos would be great for all of us! This would be life changing!
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