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My thanks for being a passionate supporter. I will also look at suggestions for future mischief making and the throwing of spanners into feminist works. 

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About Paula Wright

Hi and welcome to my Patreon page. I am here to raise funds to write, do research and make entertaining and stimulating YouTube content in defence of classical liberal western values. I am also here to raise funds to scrutinise and challenge reports coming out of the Women’s Equalities Office on subjects such as rape, the wage gap, domestic violence and toxic masculinity. My analysis of one such report on sexual harassment in schools revealed the recommendations of the report (tackling "lad culture" in schools) was not supported by the evidence.[i]In fact, buried deep within their own sources, I discovered that majority of abuse was female peer to peer harassment.

I studied feminism as an undergraduate so I know the theory well enough to critique it.I became a critic offeminism, in the tradition of Christina Hoff Sommers, after discovering, during my research that organisations such as the Fawcett Society and Rape Crisis were misrepresenting rape prosecution statistics. They were doing this knowing that such misrepresentations actually stopped victims coming forward - something they purported to want to increase. The stated aims of feminism - to ameliorate suffering - do not tally with its actions and policies which frequently cause more suffering to the most vulnerable people in our society. I am not an ideologue, this is simply where the evidence led me.

Today I am a researcher in evolutionary anthropology with a special interest in female intrasexual competition. In 2017 I graduated with a certificate in post-graduate research methods and statistics. I took this course specifically to further enable me to analyse feminist claims, such as those mentioned above. I have discovered their next target is "laddism"[ii] aka "toxic masculinity" in universities. They are attempting to claim that “lad culture” contributes to sexual harassment and rape culture, even though buried deep in the latest report, they have to admit there is zero evidence to support this assertion.

The Women and Equalities Office have immense resources but as one person with a passion for truth, an eye for detail and a belief in true egalitarian values – with your support – I can slow, and hopefully halt, their progress.

I will be developing rewards in the near future. Thank you for reading and any support you can give.

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Your funds will provide a monthly contribution to supplement living costs, research, writing, travel to debates, conferences and speaking events and electronic equipment. 

When I reach $1000 per month I will be able to take my research and activism up a gear. Going out an interviewing important egalitarian voices.

As well as being a researcher I am also a professional actress and plan to create the kind of satirical sketches and skits that you do not see on mainstream TV. Such as: The Women and Equalities Party East Dulwich Book Club; Sophie Walker Goes to Peckham; Sandy Totsvik on the butch/femme gender pay gap; Passive/Aggressive Fight Club and The Taming of the Beau. 

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