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Who I Am

I'm a disabled companion who's written for publications such as VICE and Huffpost about how I took back my life through sex work. Last year, after my health got worse, I was told I probably have Multiple Sclerosis. My results are still inconclusive – but that year of testing, along with the pandemic, shook me to my core. I finally started to live the life I had only dreamed of. I was so scared to disturb the comfortable life I had built after struggling in poverty for so long – but what I realized was that being comfortable was just a cushy prison, and that I wouldn't be free until I was uncomfortable.

Since then, I’ve moved across Canada to Cape Breton, where I traded the prairies for the sea. I started a skincare line, picked up filmmaking and began taking the time to sit still and read again. Maybe you're like me and you've been searching for something to kick-start the beginning of your life. Do you feel like once you have that thing you’ll finally be able to be born? I understand. I thought if I could just get diagnosed, I could be on my way to feeling better and finally start living the life I wanted – but what I discovered is that I don’t need to wait for an external source to be happy. And you don’t either.

When I was waiting around for my life to change, I desperately craved feeling connected, inspired and loved. I felt so isolated in my struggles, as I would scroll online and see the highlight reels of others. As a companion, I felt like there was something missing that clients weren’t getting during their time with me. That’s why I've created a platform where we can talk about our desires, fears, hopes and dreams to get to know each other in the genuine, intimate way you’ve been longing for. I’m so excited for us to connect and to take this beautiful journey together.  

What Your Support Means to Me

Your donations on Patreon will go towards me being able to continue to produce beautiful, sensual films - as well as allowing me to take care of myself. As a disabled person, it can often be difficult to juggle everyday activities such as eating healthy and exercising while maintaining a workload. Your support will mean that I'm better able to take care of myself through the ability to work from home. And of course, while you support me on my journey, I will support you back with meaningful conversation, inspiring diary entries, helpful blog posts, curious excerpts and fun voice messages!

Let's take back our lives,
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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