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This is for the readers who just want to say thank you. And to that I're welcome! 

The only benefit associated with this tier is my undying gratitude. I appreciate you for appreciating me. Love and light. 

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About Lara Marie Schoenhals

Fellow Pumpheads, 

It is I, Lara Marie Schoenhals, creator of the Sexy Unique Podcast, aka the #1 podcast about the most important television show of our time, Vanderpump Rules, and whatever else I feel like talking about. 

Fans like you are the reason that Sexy Unique Podcast not only exists, but has been such a successful endeavor thus far. I can't thank you enough for your support, especially after the experience of Pumped Podcast coming to an end (RIP). You lifted me up and breathed new life into me during a time of utter darkness. You are the Raquels to my James. The Toms to my Tom. My Restylane, my Botox and my Juvéderm. I couldn't have done it without you guys!

I've launched this Patreon page because SUP takes a lot of work to pull off week-to-week, and my goal is to expand this podcast into a year-round endeavor. I am the producer, host and editor of this pod. It's a solo mission and I love it, but in order to keep bringing you the lols and continue making this podcast bigger and better, I need some money, honey! For a $5 monthly commitment, you can be part of this journey. 

Your contributions go towards things like marketing, merch, and creating premium content. If you're feeling especially generous you are welcome to up your pledge amount, but $5 a month will get you access to all the bonus episodes, the Season 1 & 2 recap episodes, my undying gratitude and more. 

Once you sign up to become a patron, make sure to copy and paste this page's RSS link into the podcast player of your choice. I upload all content (regular and bonus eps) to that RSS feed so that you can listen to regular episodes ad-free, as well as the bonus eps. 

This is the current podcast programming schedule

  • Wednesday:
    • Pumped Podcast episodes (Patrons Only)
  • Thursday:
    • New episodes (Available Everywhere
  • Friday:
    • Sexy Unique Bonus Episodes (Patrons Only)

If this podcast has brought you joy, please consider becoming a patron. Every single pledge helps. 

Thank you my hons! 


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