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♥ Access to patron only content where I share photos + stories from my most recent sanctuary visits.

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About Sammantha Fisher

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to view my Patreon + read about my work + dreams for animals + sanctuaries around the world. My name is Sammantha Fisher + I am a freelance photographer from Northern New Jersey.

I want you to try and imagine something with me: If every animal sanctuary, rescue + shelter had access to free professional photographs (especially the lesser known ones) that they could use for their social media accounts, websites, fundraisers, etc. Now imagine how many people would view these photos all over the world, which may help them in making the connection that animals are deserving of love and respect just like humans. I know that this is possible - and I want to make it happen, but I need your help to do so!
- - - - - -

My goal with Patreon is to focus as much of my time as possible on animal rights work. I have always loved animals + I feel like this is my life mission - to use my photography to help as many of them as I can. I also love helping people + in doing this I know I would be helping those behind the scenes who make animal rescue possible. I would like to be someone sanctuaries can call at the last minute to photograph an animal rescue + the time after when they are safe. To be able to capture that journey - from despair to pure joy - would be a dream come true.

Other than sanctuaries, I also provide my photos to several animal rights organizations around the world free of charge, and I want to continue to do so. They use these photos for advertisements, campaigns + on social media.

I'd like the chance to continue to photograph the unlucky souls as well - the ones who never make it to a sanctuary, who are awaiting slaughter. Whenever I travel to a sanctuary I always check to see what is in the area - farms, slaughterhouses, butcher shops, etc. anything I can find that will educate people on animal rights + the mass suffering that is occurring every second of the day. If I can get into slaughterhouses I will go in + photograph the animals during their final moments + after to show that they experience the same emotions as humans - despair, anxiety, sadness, grief, fear. I am working on setting up more contacts who will be able to get me into slaughterhouses/ fur farms/ factory farms as I am not always greeted with acceptance + it can be dangerous. (Regardless of the danger I will do everything I can to help these animals, even if that just means capturing them with my camera)
- - - - - -

Last year someone created an Instagram account claiming they had an animal sanctuary in Tennessee. They raised thousands of dollars for their sanctuary, building fences and for the care of their animals stating that they were in their 60's and just wanted to help save animals. When the Tennessee wildfires occurred they claimed that they were responsible for burning down their entire sanctuary and home, creating a GoFundme campaign to raise money for the rebuild. Kind hearted souls donated and in days raised $35k to help them. But then people started realizing where this sanctuary claimed to be was no where near the fires. It was all a scam to collect money from people who love animals. Their Instagram was quickly deleted and the GoFundme was closed out with all the donations going into their account. With my work I want to help prevent this from ever happening again. Being able to travel to as many sanctuaries as possible, especially ones that do not currently offer public tours, I will be able to see if there are others collecting money from giving souls without owning a single animal.
- - - - - - - 

With your donation I want you to know that the money will never go towards benefiting myself personally. It will always + only go towards the following:
  • Getting me to/from the sanctuaries in the most cost effective way possible (economy flight, car rental, accommodations + other basic travel expenses).
  • Aiding me in print fundraisers (for example: I just did a fundraiser for the wonderful Rancho Relaxo in New Jersey where 30 people donated $22.50 to the sanctuary's PayPal account and I sent each person 3-4 prints as a thank you).
  • Making it possible to donate 100% of the proceeds of all my sanctuary photographs sold on website shop/ Etsy back to the sanctuaries they were captured at.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this + for possibly becoming a Patron of my work. I promise I will make you proud with everything I plan to do. Your monetary donation will never be wasted + will always be greatly appreciated. It is hard to ask for financial support to make these goals a reality - but when it is for the benefit of animals and the planet, I know it is completely worth it. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to let me know! You can send me a message on here or email me at [email protected]

$534 of $1,000 per month
The goals of my Patreon would be able to aid me in traveling to as many sanctuaries as possible throughout the year. I would love the opportunity to visit sanctuaries that are lesser known or do not have the largest social media following to help them not only gain a following for the amazing work they are doing, but also raise awareness for the animals and their stories. There are so many sanctuaries out there that need our help + with your help I will be able to travel there (the cheapest way possible) + give them the gift of these images.

Every sanctuary I visit I will provide them with photography services that they can use on their social media accounts + website, for fundraisers and print sales to raise money, educate people on animal rescue + veganism, etc. I will also provide these images to many different animal rights organizations free of charge to use for campaigns, their websites + blogs, and advertisements.

I will also be photographing vigils at slaughterhouses, feedlots + farms, shelters, wildlife rescues, and anywhere else that will raise awareness for animals. Please know that when I am traveling for work I am not vacationing - from sun up to sun down I am focused 100% on the animals and by the end of the day am covered in mud from rolling around trying to get that perfect shot that shows the beauty + soul of each animal.
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