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You know that feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio but, like, it's 4 years old and has no reason to be played on the radio, but some college radio DJ liked it and put it into their rotation, and suddenly you're all, "Hey, that's my SONG!"

That's how we feel about you. Thanks for being our college radio DJ song.
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Do you know how much eggs cost? Not a lot, actually, BUT we go through a surprising number of eggs. We don't mean to brag, but once we had a weekend where we had THREE different plays that all heavily featured eggs. I don't know what it is about them, but we love those lil' ovoids!

At this tier, you help us buy more eggs, and you also get everything in the lower tiers (i.e. our undying love and affection)
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$12 is one dollar less than our lowest possible ticket price for the stage version of The Infinite Wrench. (That was a mouthful.) At this tier, we invite you to close your eyes and imagine yourself walking into PianoFight on any given Friday or Saturday, greeting the lovely folks at the Will Call booth, and walking into the theater to see us what we have in store for you this week.

Yes, friend: at this tier you get the power of imagination PLUS the rewards of the lower tiers (i.e. our undying love; the knowledge about our unexplained love of eggs)




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The San Francisco Neo-Futurists are a collective of wildly productive writer/director/performers who create:
  • Non-illusory, interactive performance that conveys our experiences and ideas as directly and honestly as possible.
  • Immediate content at head-slappingly affordable prices.
  • Work that embraces those unreached or unmoved by conventional performance – inspiring them to thought, feeling and action.

The World Wide Wrench is our new, weekly online show. For over five years, we have produced The Infinite Wrench, our ongoing, ever-changing attempt to perform thirty plays in sixty minutes for a live audience. Now, every Friday, we will post new, never-before-seen, made-just-that-week pieces of digitally-available art, with the same tenets of our stage show: we are who we are, where we are, doing what we're doing, and the time is now.

How The World Wide Wrench will look will vary from week to week: audio, video, livestreams, video conferencing, and whatever else we can imagine into existence. Though this content will look different than our stage show (mostly because it's not exactly on a traditional stage), it will still be just as weird, wonderful, and WTF as what audiences have come to expect from us for years.

The World Wide Wrench (along with other bits and bobs created and shared throughout the week) will be posted on this Patreon for FREE. But, if you're able, please consider becoming a patron at any price level. Your support helps ensure that we can continue making new work well into the neo-future.
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Whoa! Our artist pay for TWO weeks of the month is now covered! Look at you go!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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