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About SG Budget Babe

SG Budget Babe started as a passion project in 2014 but quickly grew into one of Singapore’s leading voices on personal finance and all things involving money. The site has since been awarded the world’s top 60 budget blogs for its valuable content contributions.

I wanted to create something that was of value, and I set out wanting to:

  • Publish unbiased financial tips and content
  • Inspire people to achieve their own financial freedom
  • Expose scams that are designed to cheat people of their hard-earned money
  • Share investment tips and knowledge

But then I ran into roadblocks. Running the website was taking up too much of my time, to the extent where I had to start cancelling tuition jobs just so I could keep up the weekly writings. I didn’t expect to be assuaged with numerous reader emails asking for help or direction, all of which takes up hours to reply. Then came the reader requests (BB, brand X recently launched XYZ product. Is this really good? What’s the catch that they’re not telling us?).

Add in the free e-books and reader workshops (which are all done and hosted for free, even though other course providers charge a hefty fee to teach you the same things), and it was getting tough to keep up.

Why Am I Starting Patreon?

The simple truth is because as the site’s readership grows, the resources needed to run it have also increased exponentially. Add in the number of requests from readers to investigate, research and write about a certain brand, service or investment opportunity…has also gone up. And all of that takes time, effort, and often even money.

I’ve considered the options commonly used by other local influencers – sponsored content, doing ads – but we all know how that has led to a loss of authenticity and objectivity for many influencers who have gone down this path.

Sponsored posts are not sustainable

The majority of social media influencers in Singapore make their money through doing ads and sponsored posts. Brands pay up to a few thousand dollars for a single Instagram post (do the math, and you’ll quickly realise how much your favourite Instagrammers are really earning).

But the situation has gotten to the point where there is barely any authenticity and objectivity left. Many influencers who rely on such ads for their monthly income end up
(i) working with all the premium brands, because these are the ones with huge marketing expenses (due to high margins on each product / service sold to you)
(ii) being afraid to talk bad about brands or products they don’t like, lest they turn off the brand from wanting to work with them in the future

Moreover, the best deals are also often by brands or start-ups who do not have mammoth marketing budgets to promote their offerings, simply because most of their money is channeled towards actual creation and not promotion. Do we leave them out just because they cannot afford to pay for a sponsored post? Obviously not!

Basically, most influencers earn a living by encouraging you to spend, spend and spend.

That’s not what SG Budget Babe is about. I believe in helping you to find truly value-for-money products, save and grow your own money so that you can become richer…but that isn’t the kind of stuff that brands want to pay for.

In addition, for many sponsored posts, I often get asked to simply hype up the merits of a product without revealing the caveats. And I’ve always rejected those requests, because SG Budget Babe was never meant to be a sales promoter. Sometimes these brands come back later, but most often, they don’t.

I don’t want to ever see SG Budget Babe end up like that. Yet, the truth is that while every other influencer is happily accepting monies to promote you a problematic product (just take a look at the Beautiful Teeth Whitening Kit saga and how some influencers earned up to $15,000 for selling a kit confirmed to be potentially harmful by HSA), there's barely anyone warning you about it.

Believing that my readers deserve to know the pros AND cons, I exposed the issues in the UOB Krisflyer card and UOB Stash (while other influencers were promoting it as though it was the best deal ever)...only to have my talent managers at Nuffnang tell me that UOB wasn't keen to work with me anymore due to the previous expose. UOB has not come back to me ever since the sponsored UOB One post.

Regular readers of SG Budget Babe know by now that I’d rather die than recommend a lousy product. I don’t want to ever have to be at the mercy of the brands and beg for their sponsored posts just because they’re the only ones paying me in order for me to continue writing for my readers.

So this is where I hope you can help.

What Your Money Will Be Used For

  • Hosting – A good hosting plan to support the website in order to deal with high traffic and fast loading speeds.
  • MailChimp – The service we use to email posts out to the subscription list. This fee grows as the email list grows.
  • Ongoing web development – I don’t have any programming skills, so I need to pay folks for this.
  • Facebook post "boosts"
  • Hosting events and free workshops – because venue rental and logistics aren’t free

Thus, I hope you’ll consider becoming a patron. The plan is for patrons to have access to special content, including exclusive investment reports and analysis, exposing scams, and more.

It would mean a lot to me if you decide to support the site financially. I hope to eventually be able to quit my office job so I can focus on researching and writing quality content articles for SG Budget Babe full-time, but this cannot happen until the website is self-sustainable and income-generating.

Thank you for being a reader!

With love,
53% complete
When I reach $5,000 a month, I'll start a special podcast series to review the best financial deals available then, as well as do an AMA!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 128 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 128 exclusive posts

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