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You're a Neophyte. A young Majiski, newly-adopted into the family of Genshwin assassins. There's still a lot to learn, but remember: even Racath Thanjel was once a Neophyte himself.

Gain access to the first chapter of Dissension: the Second Act of Penance, plus some Patreon-exclusive samples of my notes on the lore and meta of the worlds I'm creating.
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You're an Apprentice - a learner in the ranks of the Genshwin assassins. It's a dark, hard world out there, but there will be plenty of older Majiski along the way to show you the ropes of survival in the demons' world.

Gain access to two additional preview chapters of Dissension: the Second Act of Penance (that's three in total), as well as the insider's look at my notes on worldbuilding.

You will also receive a free Kindle copy of Talonfall: a Short Story of the Three Acts of Penance and my standalone short story Bloodtaker upon the fulfillment of your first pledge (this requires an email address attached to an Amazon account).
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You're a Liquidator now. A grizzly hand of the Genshwin assassins. It's Majiski like you who are going to win this war, and bring an end to the Demonic Dominion. 

All previous rewards, plus access to all future preview chapters as they are released. Plus, upon the fulfillment of your first pledge, I'll send you a free Kindle copy of any and all published works I've released to date, including Attrition: the First Act of Penance.




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So why is S.G. Night on Patreon? Not a small question. How about a little background first?

So who is this guy?

Some of you are already familiar with me; some of you aren't. For the newcomers here, let me introduce myself. My name is Sam, and I write epic fantasy. I've always been a writer, ever since I was five years old. My first real story began to coalesce when I was about 14. Briefly before my graduation from high school, I had a finished draft. A long round of revisions and one Kickstarter campaign later, I self-published Attrition: the First Act of Penance on Amazon in August of 2013 under the pen name S.G. Night. I was still 18 years old at the time.

I sank into a deep marketing effort, spending much of my time promoting Attrition over the next year. As a result, the book reached #1 Bestseller status on several Amazon lists, including Dark Fantasy and Epic Fantasy. I became a contributing member of the indie publishing community, and in 2014, Attrition was awarded the Gold Medal for Fantasy Fiction from the Readers' Favorite Book Award competition. During that time, I also wrote and self-published two short stories.

I spent another year revising Attrition a second time* for an agent. She and I are now working on finding me a commerial publishing house, but in the meantime, I still aim to continue self-publishing. 

Between an Associate's Degree in Marketing, the commencement of a Bachelor's Degree, and all that time spent marketing and revising, it took me a long while before I really started to sink my teeth into the draft of Dissension: the Second Act of Penance. I'm 21 now, and with a readership of approximately ten thousand people braying for the next installment, I've been in something of a rush to get the sequel wrapped up.

Why Patreon, then?

So that brings us to the present day, and back to the question Why is S.G. Night on Patreon? There are a couple of reasons for this, so let me explain:

  • Self-publishing isn't free. I knew this when I first started with Attrition, hence the Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter helped provide the funds necessary to launch the book, but it was a one-time lump sum. As time goes by and sales from Book 1 start to dwindle, I'm left a little strapped as I work toward finishing Book 2. The first purpose of the Patreon is to provide continuous support (month-to-month instead of a single lump) for a young writer as he finishes the next installment, facilitate the marketing to spread the word about the series, and help launch the next publication.

  • I'm kind of awful when it comes to keeping in touch. I've had quite a few people ping me on my various social media sites to ask if I'm still alive (and more importantly, still writing). This Patreon will also serve as a way for me to better stay in touch with you, the readership, and keep you apprised of the goings on with the manuscript.

  • Lastly, I'm on Patreon because it's been so long since I released Book 1. So many of you have contacted me to tell you how excited you are for the second book, and honestly, nothing could warm my heart more. That said, I can't help but feel bad about how long I've kept you all waiting. This Patreon gives me a way to grant you guys access to some sneak previews of what's in store, and keep you in the loop about how the writing process is progressing.

So what's Three Acts of Penance about?

~ The Demonic Dominion has held the nation of Io captive for more than a century. The humans are in shackles. The elves are in exile. And the race of Majiski battle-mages has been all but eradicated by the demons and their ilk.

Racath Thanjel is among the few remaining Majiski surviving in secret. A strong but opinionated young assassin, he works from the shadows against the Demonic Dominion. But how can he and the others hope to defeat such a terrible adversary? Especially when their patriarch is keeping more secrets than the Demons themselves.

Now, as a tangle of conspiracies, secrets, and ancient prophecies sweeps Racath away, he must choose his destiny: will he become the long-awaited Deliverer of Io, or allow it to suffocate beneath the Dominion's iron fist? ~

If you haven't read Attrition, then I recommend either purchasing it from Amazon or pledging at the $5+ tier here on Patreon (as this will earn you a free copy of Attrition). Most of the content on this site will be pertaining to Book 2.

For you newcomers who aren't already familiar with the series, here's a brief overview. Three Acts of Penance is an epic fantasy story set in a world of its own. This world is home several different peoples, cultures, religions, etc. Some of these are familiar faces from fantasy - goblins, demons, and the like - and some are unique to this series. In particular, this world is home to the Majiski, a race of powerful battle-mages who, once upon a time, were charged with the protection of their human and elven counterparts. Following an invasion and occupation by demonic forces, and a genocide against the Majiski people, the once-powerful nation of Io exists in a state of captivity. Three Acts of Penance is the story of the Majiski survivors' struggle to topple the Demonic Dominion. The story of Racath Thanjel, a hero who would rise from the ashes of his fallen people to save his country. And the story of a penitent narrator who has taken it upon himself to share Racath's tale. 

What can I expect from this Patreon?

I want this Patreon to be a place where I can share what I'm working on with you guys, as well as a place where all of you who have expressed the desire to support my writing to do so.

I want to avoid the idea of this being a transactional arrangement. When you pledge money here on Patreon, you aren't buying access to the previews or copies of the book. You're patronizing me as an artist, and I'm providing those benefits to you both as a token of my appreciation, and as proof that I'm making good use of your patronage. This is a place to support artists, not purchase products.

So here is how I plan to make this work.

I will immediately post the Prologue of Dissension as a free preview for everyone to see. Additionally, I'll immediately upload the first chapter for the $1+ crowd and the first three chapters for the $3+ patrons. For everyone at the $5+ tier, I will periodically upload new preview chapters as I continue working on the draft.

I'm not quite to the point where I want to serialize Dissension, so I won't just add a preview chapter every time I finish a section of the book. I'll probably upload a new preview for every two or three chapters that I write, and I'll keep the previews about ten chapters behind the current manuscript. Anyone at the $50 level, however, will be able to see the full manuscript as it develops.

In order to fill the void between chapter previews, I'll be uploading posts containing Patreon-exclusive samples of my notes on the lore and meta of the world of Penance. Nicely formatted, highly detailed, providing some extra insight into the goings-on of the setting. I'll probably release two, three, maybe four of these each month, and a handful will be available immediately upon the Patreon's launch. Additionally, I'll use this Patreon as a sort of blog.

Whenever I finish a book or short story, those patrons pledging at the appropriate level will receive free copies of the finished work.

Praise for Attrition

"A spellbinding blend of action, science fiction, and fantasy, author S.G. Night creates a fascinating world within his debut novel ... The fantasy world that Night creates is not only dark and intriguing, but it is intricate and fully realized in sophisticated ways that flows freely, causing the surprises and turns that occur in the story to come together wonderfully."
-Red City Review

"From the first page I was covered in goose bumps. This so-called 'kid' isn't merely a writer, he's a wordsmith. I don't say this often, but Night was born to write. It's that simple. This book was pure perfection."
-Literary Litter

"I was spellbound from the first page; absolutely spellbound with the depth of each sentence and the creative genius that brought to life an entire world...S. G. Night has truly dazzled me with his epic tale. This is fantasy, dark and foreboding...'Epic' is a word I rarely use, but it is the best one to describe this book, and what should prove to be an epic series."
-Tome Tender

"This First Act of Penance will leave you longing for the next! A great new star of epic dark fantasy has arrived in the form of young S.G. Night."
-Bestsellers World

*An Important Note
Some significant (although not quite life-altering) changes were made during this most recent revision to Book 1. These changes are all reflected in the content of Book 2. The updated version has not yet been published to Amazon, although anyone who pledges to the $5+ tier here on Patreon will receive a Kindle version of the updated text. If you haven't read Attrition yet, then I recommend pledging at the $5 tier so that none of these changes affect your reading. If you read the old version of Attrition, I will be posting a change log (also on my Facebook page: Part I || Part II), listing all adjustments made to the original text.

$0 of $250 per month
This is the part where I commit to more previews, and more content. You get to see some glimpses of where the book is headed, and satisfy the itch to read more.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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