Steve Gadlin and friends are creating The television program Steve Gadlin's Star Makers

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Tomorrow's Star
$1 or more per episode 7 patrons
You just bought your way into the credits, star! Each of our monthly patrons will be listed in our closing credits sequence.
Super Star
$3 or more per episode 5 patrons
Host Steve Gadlin will thank each of our Super Stars by name at the end of each episode!
Mega Star
$5 or more per episode 8 patrons
Well you're just too kind. As a Mega Star, you'll be thanked in every episode - and you'll get early access to each episode a few days before it launches to the public!
Star Maker
$10 or more per episode 1 of 26 patrons
Hey, Star Maker! You and a friend will get bumped to the top of our waiting list and join us in our two-person studio audience. You'll meet host Steve Gadlin, our amazing crew, and have the best seats in the house for tomorrow's stars of Hollywood and/or Broadway!
$25 or more per episode 0 of 100 patrons
You just got serious. As an underwriter, we'll mention your business or feature your product in our episodes. For instance - if you're a pickle manufacturer, host Steve Gadlin will enjoy one of your tasty pickles and thank you in each episode!
Grand Benefactor
$50 or more per episode 0 of 26 patrons
Aw c'mon. $50 per episode? You're crazy! And to reward your insanity, we'll give you early access to show scripts before each taping. You'll also be invited to visit our set and hang out in the control room during a taping.
Audience Sponsor
$100 or more per episode 0 of 5 patrons
You will get naming rights to our 2-person studio audience lounge in each episode for the duration of your pledge. This will be represented by custom signage, and several host mentions throughout the show. You'll also receive early access to our scripts and our episodes, and an invitation to join us on set whenever you're free.