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About Shadeaux Public Radio

What is Shadeaux Public Radio?
A podcast, a hub of fell energy, a burgeoning content network.
And they called it macaroni.

We write songs, we tell weird stories, we rail against the current political climate, we produce miniature audio dramas of signature obscurity and depth.

Each episode the Shadeaux Brothers test their mettle against the onrushing darkness and create, and banter, and field test new projects in the hope that one day they will burst forth into full-fledged podcasts of their own.

Our first spin-off - The People vs. Star Trek Voyager - is charging ahead, maximum warp. A court case where the final judgement will be delivered: is Star Trek Voyager good or garbage?

Current Line-Up On Air
  • Shadeaux Public Radio - Bi-Weekly  -(Drops every other Saturday)
  • The People vs. Star Trek Voyager - Weekly (drops every Wednesday)
Special Presentations
  • Runeclock
  • The Gray Cassette
Beat back the dark one stupid joke at a time.

Why Patreon?
Above all things we have craved direct interaction with our listeners --- direct interaction and the exact retail cost of a Nintendo Switch. Patreon was always the plan as we grew. We wanted to have a forum for instant feedback on new projects, a place to create weird merchandise and rewards that would never fly with normal people, and coincidentally generate the exact retail cost of a Nintendo Switch.

In all seriousness - we've been treating this podcast as a hobby, something that we didn't mind devoting money and time to. No worse than buying a boat or fancy lawn sculptures, eh? But this puts a limit on how much time we can devote to it - and we want to devote more, much more. This first year has been so exciting - and we want to POWER UP. The first goal is just to create a place for our listeners to congregate and reward them in a small way for supporting us. The further goals are about substantively helping us produce more. More content, more regularly. Also hopefully better content?--- no promises there.

We're putting out 4+ podcasts a month, not counting any bonus Patreon content or one-offs, so we're not asking for donations per episode as that would be NUTS.  We're treating this as a subscription to your local Shadeaux Public Radio and oh god now we have to do tote bags don't we? It is literally a pledge drive.

Who are we?
Two forlorn avatars of eternal night OR two guys from Athens, GA who like writing silly songs. You be the judge.

D.Shadeaux / G. Derek Adams - @gderekadams
J. Shadeaux / Jonathan Sparks - @J_Shadeaux
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This is the good shit. T-shirts, mugs, tote bags - we're getting crazy with it. These will ship out once very six months, and will not repeat. They should ship together with the LOW LEVEL MERCH. Patrons will get all the input on design, style - unless we want to surprise you with something a little more sinister than usual.

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