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About Shaders Laboratory

Thank you very much for visiting my patreon page!

First of all, I would say that I don't need money!
I mean I'm not poor, I'm not rich. I already have a job (I'm a programmer) and I don't want to quit my job for a new career on Youtube ;). I don't need to buy new equipment for recording or new computer. I make my videos during my free time and I want to keep my shaders free. And this won't change depending on this patreon.

So if you would like give me some money, please consider to support anyone else who maybe need it more than me. Here are some suggestions : 

Or maybe you could just keep your money and have fun with it. You deserve it ;)
Othewise you could offer a present to anyone that you love around you.
If you want support me, a message is already very encouraging! So please think twice before wasting your money with a guy like me.

But if after all that, you still want give me some tips, I will accept with pleasure! Thank you so much!

So who am I? My name's Anthony Bléchet, I'm french and I'm 34 years old.
If you want to see my face or heard me speaking french :

Like I said before, I'm a programmer and a year ago I started to learn how to make shaders in Unity. Since this moment, I decided to create a youtube channel ( and to put any shader I made for anyone which need it. All the sources are in the descripton.
You can find them on my website too :
So feel free to use them in any project without any credit.

And since two months, I started to make video tutorials about shaders in Unity. My videos are really "amateur" and I have still a lot to learn about montage. More, my french accent could make you run away. ;)
But I try to keep my tutorials as clear as I can.

My goal is to continue this way and to make as much video I could.

If you have any question, feel free to ask. See you soon!

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