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About Shad Manning

Hello all and welcome to my Patreon page!

I am an independent music composer from the United States, and have been creating music recreationally for about 12 years, but with it becoming more prominent in the last 6. I currently have five albums out, ranging from orchestral program and trailer music to folk music from the Far East and Celtic/Nordic regions. I have a few different projects that I am currently working on, from standard albums to diverse projects, and have more than enough ideas to keep me busy for quite a few years.

For the time being, your contributions will help me in purchasing newer and better software/hardware, to be able to create newer and better music. Ultimately, contributions will help enable me to become a full-time creator.

Rewards in the beginning I admit will be fairly basic, with being part of a management team in a large retail store I do not have the time to focus on the community at this time. However in the future I hope to build upon what Patreon can offer, and create a community through my supporters, and offer rewards and bonuses to match the support that is given to me.
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When I reach $400 per month, I will release an album based on community decision.
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