Dyshawn Bilbrew is creating Videos for youtube and streaming on www.twitchtv.com/shadow10458

$3 /mo
It may not seem like much but it is a heartfelt shout out.You obviously were part of our community as a friend and I will shout your name far into the dark reaches of the shadow realm for all to kn...

$5 /mo
You obviously shown you are more than interested with our community and how our stream is forming. So why not not come onto raid call where I will bring you in to be a main star into our stream for...

$10 /mo
I will give you a shout out of course and will provide access into my personal Discord. We can talk and get you can get well versed into my community.

$20 /mo
Well it's hard to see this coming. But thank you for supporting and showing we are worth as an community. I will definitely give you that love and support back that you give me and we definitely se...

$100 /mo
You sir or fine Lady took the time to do more than I could ever imagine. First off I thank you secondly that shout out but once a month we can spend an entire day chatting, gaming or even watch sho...