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is creating a podcast, "A Day in the Life: Stories of the 6th World" & More
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The meat and potatoes of Shadowrun. Anarchists fight against the corporate control and their government lackeys. 

This tier can download the PDF of the scripts from our podcast. These scripts will be posted the day after the podcast posts.




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About Shadowrun Survival Guide

We here at SRSG are proud of what we do. Creating content for Shadowrun Survival Guide and creating the interviews for "A Day in the Life: Stories from the 6th World" is amazing. Getting to know the Shadowrun community has been great. 

As a thank you for becoming patrons, we are giving you copies of the scripts of our podcast. There are more plans in the future to give back to those who choose to help us out.

We are only trying to cover our costs to keep this hobby going as everyone involved has lives and expenses of their own.

So thank you from this old Decker

Digital Doom
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At this amount we are paying all hosting fees. At $50 a month I will post a PDF book of all critters, Gear, Weapons and Vehicles that have been featured on Shadowrun Survival Guide. 

They will be in one place for you and your runners/GM to use.
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