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About Clockwork Throne

NOTE!!  Shadow's Kiss servers are down until our soft launch on Steam in a few months.  Pledging here will still get you access to the game when it releases, but you will not be able to play it until then.

Darkness. Passion. Monsters.

Enter the world of SHADOW’S KISS, an online RPG where you play a vampire bent on dominating mortals and ruling the night!

We’re creating mature, seductive, and sensual content for the SHADOW’S KISS Vampire MMO, which is currently in Alpha.

Shadow’s Kiss is a passion project for Clockwork Throne Studios, and is now in its third year of development. It has a wide range of systems already online, including quests, combat, NPC interactions, and an intro tutorial. This Patreon is where we’re looking for additional support from the community, which is particularly important for a small team trying to bring this vision to life.

While your support here benefits the ongoing development of Shadow’s Kiss and a whole universe of dark adventure, it’s also specifically the secret “back door” to the adult content in the game. Vampires are, after all, a sexual metaphor, and shows like True Blood and Game of Thrones have generated a broader cultural acceptance of the erotic as part of a larger saga. So this is only another step in our evolution: Shadow’s Kiss has always been a narrative game for adults; now the full range of its possibilities will be expanded.

Support us here and you’ll receive a pass to experience the mature content in Shadow’s Kiss! We’re ready to embellish and explore that aspect of the game and its story, and the incredible community on Patreon is what makes that possible.

Shadow’s Kiss is a world you can conquer and a story you can explore.

The game focuses on classical role-playing (RPG) gameplay, using it to delve into mature themes and content—from the grotesque to the thought-provoking—while never losing track of entertaining you.

Shadow’s Kiss draws its inspirations from the horror, dark fantasy, paranormal, crime fiction, folklore, mythology and adventure tales that underlie so much of pop culture today. It may have tones and touches of True Blood, Lost Boys, the Buffyverse, the Vampire Chronicles, Near Dark and countless other influences, but in the end Shadow’s Kiss is its own thing: A unique creation flavored with both the familiar and the exotic.

We could tell you about the ways our Vampires are different, or how they interact with strange supernatural factions such as the demonic Djinni and their thousand and one bargains—

—the Lords of Eternal Darkness and their underground cities full of unspeakable horrors—

—or even their dealings with the Weird Science of the Necromancers, a lunatic legion bent on destroying the boundary between life and death.

But all that will unfold for you in play, and the play’s the thing!

Your character exists in a society and world that are fully developed, but not smothering. There is structure—but there is also room for your Vampire’s satisfactory advancement. We’re proud of our world and we love our “story so far,” but the world is for playing in and the story really begins with you!

We're fans and creative people, and we’re also game developers who've been doing this for a long time. We’re excited to build on the elements that make shows like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Gotham particularly engaging: Ideas that fire your imagination, worldbuilding that doesn’t disappoint and a vast stage for you to stride across in search of your own fortunes. Mature content is part of the fabric of Shadow’s Kiss, and now it will come to life even more vividly.

If you’re ready to learn more about our game design and see screenshots of what we’ve accomplished so far, visit us at

Meet the Architects and Artisans:

A game industry veteran with experience in programming, design and production, Dreadflame has long flirted with becoming a creature of the night, going all the way back to vampire LARP in the ‘90s. His love of cosplay and things gothic is matched by his passion for collaborative and competitive online RPGs.

TheVoice is a professional writer with broad-ranging experience in fiction and non-fiction, across multiple print, digital, visual and interactive media. He has also been a gaming storyteller, with particular interest in vampires and other monsters, for many years.

Ripper3 is a veteran character modeler and animator, and a 3D artist of the first order. He’s the first line of defense in creating the custom models and monsters for Shadow’s Kiss. 

Monsoonexe is the primary designer on Shadow's Kiss: building quests, encounters, dialogues, and the spooky things that go bump in the night. When not getting jumped by Slayers in San Cipriano, he enjoys tabletop gaming, coke, hookers, pony rides into the sunset, and the craps table at Circus Circus. Thought the dress was blue.

We're incredibly grateful, both for your support and for the opportunity to get your input as we forge this world.

New "special privileges" for mature content pass holders at the Club Vamp:

New quests for mature content pass!

Our culture has become more accepting of mature themes, from shows like True Blood to Game of Thrones, to games like God of War and Grand Theft Auto, which include diverse lifestyles and sensuality. Shadow’s Kiss delves into seduction and horror to punctuate the adventure, darkness, and romance of the Undead.

50% complete
We want to bring the big bads to life in all their 3D glory. Vampire queens, ancient evils, tattooed cultists, and corrupted school mistresses. Bring on the badguys!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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