Clockwork Throne is creating a massively multiplayer vampire game of thrones

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Supporter! We really appreciate you backing us! You’ll get our heartfelt thanks for spreading the world, and access to any general Patron-only content and news!

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Advocate! In addition to access to Patron-only content, you will get a sneak peak of our upcoming art pieces. You will also be able to participate in our forums a...

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Day Walker! You gain access to uncensored versions of risque concepts and cover art! You will also gain access to our development and design forums!

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At this level you gain a spot in the credits as a Contributor! Your name will be added to the credits, in addition to access to Patron-only content.  You also get high resolution ...

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Arm Chair Designer! This level opens up a private inner forum where we can vet design ideas before taking them to the community at large (don't worry, the full community still par...

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You are among the highest patrons of the arts, with the title of Archon! You are considered an active collaborator on the game, and every month that you pledge at this level you m...