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is creating a history podcast about Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge
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I understand that paying for content like this is completely optional. So if you want to commit any support to the show, know that it helps me pay for research materials, hosting and the time it takes to produce the show. 

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As the support page mentions, this show costs me to keep running and up online. If you would like to help with that cost I would greatly appreciate it.

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If you would like to support the show to the extent that I can work less and focus more on the podcast, this tier represents that option to those who can afford it.




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About Lachlan Peters

'In the Shadows of Utopia - The Khmer Rouge and the Cambodian Nightmare', is the first podcast to offer a deep exploration of Cambodian history and the Khmer Rouge revolution.

With the amount of literature and media produced about the Khmer Rouge and Democratic Kampuchea, initial attempts to jump into this history can be daunting. The Cambodian Genocide Podcast allows for an engaging and accessible learning experience that does not rely on assumed knowledge of the period, Southeast Asian history or an intimate understanding of the Cold War. The content of the show provides a platform for further study of Cambodian history and a context for travel in the country.

Join longtime student of Cambodian history, Lachlan Peters, in a journey from Cambodia's earliest glories through the darkest years.

Any help with the costs of equipment, hosting fees and time taken to produce the show is greatly appreciated

For full transparency I will give a breakdown of the costs:

15 AUD per month for an Audioboom subscription which posts the show to numerous providers including Spotify.
18 AUD per month for website hosting with Weebly
40 AUD for the domain name annually
So, around 450 AUD per year (that's about 300 US for those who may be interested)
$10 of $30 per month
Pay for Monthly Hosting Fees

This amount would effectively mean that I am no longer paying out of my own pocket to keep the podcast online and would represent a huge milestone for me. I am so happy to produce this show for everyone for free, but if you have the means to support the show, this would allow me to provide it to everyone at no cost except the time it takes for me to produce it... Well then I would be so proud to accept that help. The show does not run with ads and listener support is the only way I would be able to manage that cost.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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