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per a quartet of podcasts—we charge once every four podcasts


Shall We Play a Game? is, in the words of one of our fans, the grown-up video game podcast you've been waiting for.

Each week, we pick one or two games to play, and then we talk about them. We also interview game designers (like Tim Schafer, Harvey Smith, and a lead programmer of Skyrim) about what they make. And we interview notable and unusual video game players--White House speechwritersliterary critics, political correspondents, magazine editors, investigative journalists, TV critics--about what they play and why. We play blockbuster AAA shooters and indie "walking simulators." We play on PCs and consoles and phones.

Who are we?
We're a former political writer and editor for The New York Times Magazine (Chris Suellentrop) and a former crisis correspondent for National Public Radio (JJ Sutherland). We love video games and we love to talk about them.

When we started this show a couple years ago, there really wasn't a podcast for players like us. So we made one! We wanted something short, that fit into our lives as busy parents and professionals. We wanted something smart, that resembled the way culture--movies and books and theater and more--gets covered by the Times and NPR and the New Yorker. And we wanted something sophisticated, that didn't treat video games like a curiosity or a foreign country that you've never visited. 

From 2012 to early 2015, Chris was the main video game critic for The New York Times. He's also written about games for places like Wired, Slate, Rolling Stone, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. He's talked about video games on CBS, ESPN, and NPR. Yet JJ--a former executive producer, Pentagon correspondent, and Baghdad bureau chief for NPR--somehow might play even more video games than Chris does.

Why do you need my money?
We are a completely independent podcast, with no funding from a journalistic outlet or podcast network. With your support, we'll be able to keep making the show, and to keep making it better. We'll be able to travel to shows like the Game Developers Conference and E3, to redesign our website, to buy better equipment, and if there are enough of you, even to create a new kind of video game publication, modeled on the New York Review of Video Games that Chris invented for Medium.

We will bill our supporters once every four podcasts. If we take a break, you won't get charged. Yet we'll also never charge you more than 13 times a year, or once every four weeks.

It's the "pay what you want" model pioneered by Radiohead--except for video game podcasts. 

We have thousands of listeners who tell us they love the show. We are grateful for your time and support. Thank you! But there aren't enough of you for us to sell ads. With enough Patreon support, maybe we will never need to sell ads!

What's in it for me?
There are a bunch of membership tiers with rewards. Plus we plan to use Patreon to listen to, and talk with, our community. But most of all, you'll get the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from helping to build a new video game culture. 

Anything else I should know?
We can only charge all our Patreon supporters at once, so your very first payment may come before a full quartet of podcasts have been released.

Sorry! We're not allowed to do it any other way. We promise it won't happen again.
$310 of $500 per a quartet of podcasts—we charge once every four podcasts
Chris will go to the next Game Developers Conference and file podcasts chock full of interviews and reporting for Shall We Play a Game?
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