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People that donate a dollar a month will gain access to my Discord where you can get insight on Boob Note and my other written works earlier than the public.

This includes art I've had commissioned and access to details of a secret project.   What's the secret?  Pay a dollar, enter our discord and find out.  ;)

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Three Dollar Club

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Giving three dollars a month, gives you extra pull in the creation of Boob Note (or other stories as you see fit).   If your idea is brought up my someone else, I'll let you know.   I like fishing for new ideas-- makes the overall stories better.

I'll also provide PDFs of any of my stories on request!

You also get the benefit of the previous tier.

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Five Dollar Ballers

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Five dollars a month gets you a sneak peek at outline materials for Boob Note and my other stories.   This ultimately lets you chime in on what happens to who.

I'll also take story suggestions from people in this tier for the occasional new short stories.  If you go a while without ideas getting used, I'm available for consultation work on your own projects.   

Sometimes it's hard to get someone to read your stuff, right?

You also get the benefit of the previous tiers. 

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About Seamus Mickens

Logo by: Ruff N Tumble

Inspired by Fenoxo at Corruption of Champions and T.I.T.S.  I'm a writer dedicated to creating interesting and substantial transformation stories.   Sure there's breast expansion stuff out there, but do you really need to be reading brainless shit when you're trying to get your marbles off?  

Hell, no.

This Patreon exists to support my "Boob Note" series and other adult works.  The more green I make on this, the more I can afford to make the updates consistent.  (A bear's gotta eat, you know!)

Art by SidneyMT

For those of you not in the know, Boob Note is no mere Death Note fan fiction.  It's a carefully crafted parody with BE (Breast Expansion) interwoven into every fiber of it's being.

It stars Chris, a normal -- if not a little oversexed-- college student just trying to make ends meet as a waiter when he comes across a notebook able to bend reality.  Get ready for twists, turns, expanding tits and lots of sex.

Better still, Boob Note has split into two paths-- two alternate timelines where Chris has taken different approaches with the eponymous notebook.

Hundreds of thousands of words have already been made.  But you can keep it going.  AND those that contribute to my Patreon get to have say on how Chris' tale is shaped.  Hell, if it grows enough a third path might arise!

But this space bear is no one trick pony, no-siree.  I tend to drop other stories here and there, ranging in genre and featured fetishes.  If you want a sample of my range, check out my Deviant Art page chock full of free stuff.

Patreon donators big and small end up getting something crafted for them, as you're getting in on the ground floor.  If you're joining with ulterior motives?  That's fine by me, I do proofreading and QC for adult content creators on a daily basis and signing on gets you a lifeline on my upcoming projects.
$186.30 of $300 per month
While it's a pipe dream at the moment, this would let me actively work at publishing a Breast expansion themed novel (similar to dodged).

Reaching this goal would earn the Patreons the ability to vote on the direction of said novel.  Limited illustrations would be included of course, as I would recruit an artist to supply supplimentary art.
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