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is creating ¡No pasarán!: Independent Journalism on Fascism and Resistance

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Every dollar counts, and this is a great way to help me continuing reporting for independent web publications that help bring a new perspective. You will be added to the Discord server for No Pasaran, which includes exclusive areas for A Blaze Ansuz to discuss antifascist neofolk, black metal, and industrial music.

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You are the person that is really standing up to make my work possible and to build this community. This money will help me produce original work, which you will get a front seat to as an active part of the No Pasaran community.

This tier will get full access to regular original content that will be published directly on the No Pasaran Patreon. This will include:

-Exclusive articles



-Lists and update


-Report backs

-Band interviews and profiles


At this level you will get regular access to everything created and will be able to be a part of the community by discussing things on Patreon, on the exclusive Discord server, and the subreddit.

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You will get all Patreon exclusive content plus a few other things:

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About Shane Burley

Few researchers and journalists are able to write and discuss what is going on with the rise of the far-right and the movements to confront them. Shane Burley has put himself directly in the middle of it, providing a fresh, independent voice that understands what is happening in the volatile political war we are living in. 

As a freelance independent journalist, Shane Burley is often producing content and reporting on a shoestring budget, and No Pasaran is a way to show your support for his work so he can continue to bring an authentic voice to some of the great publications he writes for.

This Patreon will be focused on providing exclusive content and getting in depth on issues like the rise of white nationalism, antifascist organizing, the labor movements, ground-up social movements, art and culture. This will include:
-Original interviews
-Exclusive articles
-Book reviews, recommendations, lists, etc.
-Exclusive videos
-Music playlists
-Livestreaming, photos, and reporting from protests and events as they are happening.
-Conversations with other great journalists, organizers, researchers, and writers
-A regular podcast of interviews, speeches, audio essays, and more
-Video updates
-An exclusive Discord Server for discussion
-A Patreon community to discuss fascism and the movements to stop it
-A growing glossary of terms related to understanding fascism
-A dedicated Subreddit with member badges
-Monthly "Ask Me Anything" Q&As
-A whole lot more, this will become a prime place for Shane Burley to share new work and invite others to comment, disagree, share their own, and build a space.

We will keep this page updated regularly so you can get plugged into what is happening, and give you a constant stream of original content. This will also be an interactive space to generate discussion, ask tough questions, meet people and be a part of a community that is trying to find solutions to the fascist insurgency we are living in.

Join us here and help us build No Pasaran into the tool we need to build a real culture of resistance.
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We now have enough that I can expand the podcast even more by getting more equipment and spending more time away from work to do great interviews.
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