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About Shane Ivey

I'm Shane Ivey and I love tabletop adventure games.

I've been publishing RPGs for nearly 20 years. I started playing them as a kid. As an RPG author, my best-known writing has probably been in Delta GreenThe Unspeakable OathGodlike, and Cubicle 7's The One Ring. I have written six adventures for the 5E series Swords & Sorceries. I have edited (and in most cases, contributed to) every one of the dozens of books that Arc Dream Publishing has released.

You can see a detailed C.V. at DriveThruRPG.

I run Arc Dream Publishing and am part of the Delta Green Partnership, so most of my time is occupied by the business of managing a small company and by  Delta Green's busy (!) release schedule. But like every gamer I know, I am constantly inspired by the sheer creativity of simply playing and thinking about tabletop RPGs. I would love to share that inspiration with you.

As a patron of my work—no, not merely a patron, a hero of the multiverse!—you can expect to see:

PREVIEWS & EXTRAS: Playtests, house rules, NPCs, monsters, magic, excerpts, and other bits and pieces and backstagery. I'll present my personal work in our award-winning horror game lines: Delta Green, our 5E adventure series Swords & Sorceries, our WW2 superheroes game Godlike, our kids-and-lovably-terrifying-monsters game Monsters & Other Childish Things, the Godlike spinoff Wild Talents, the Victorian supers-and-intrigues RPG The Kerberos Club, and more.

That is a lot of variety, so I aim to share enough material to entertain a variety of folks.

PODCASTS & VIDEOS: Some will be for early access and some for patrons only. Audio recordings of games with friends or at conventions. Video recordings of online games on Roll20. Convention panels and seminars. "Ask Me Anything" videos to answer patron questions and bat ideas around. Online adventures with patrons as players!

EXCURSIONS & EXPERIMENTS: I always have a TON of works in progress that I love but that aren’t on the front burner for publication. I would love to present them in playable chunks just for fun and experimentation. For example, adapting the award-winning Delta Green RPG rules to genres beyond horror, such as dark fantasy, Age of Sail adventure, or post-apocalyptic power-armored sci-fi. Or there's my hardcore historical Western RPG, The Code of the West. Or a Western horror dimension-shifting game that, um, let’s say, is heavily inspired by a popular author whose name rhymes with Keven Sting. Or my D&D-gets-Napoleonic experiment, Bigby’s Baleful Bayonets. There's more. There's always more. My brain is all the time switching gears and getting passionate about something new.

I love making adventure and horror games that are sources of suspense, intrigue, fascination, and awe. That's what my work is all about. The more this Patreon brings in, the more I can create and share. Join me! Let's do great things.

Special thanks to Dennis Detwiller, creator of my profile images. You can see them in Delta Green's Handler's Guide and Dennis at his own Patreon project.  

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