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Welcome to my patreon!
I've been a working creative professional in the entertainment industry for a number of years and now I want to share those experiences with you.

By becoming my Patreon Partner I'll be able to offset the cost of creating UNIQUE HIGH QUALITY CONTENT that explores the business and art of sequential storytelling.

I believe there are a lot of ways to learn and with that, come a lot of different approaches. I like to experiment with many of these to find the best approach while staying open to new ideas. I started THE PROCESS video channel to explore how to do that effectively. But I want to dive deeper and produce better and more focused content for those who really want to work in this industry.

Here's some of what I'll be covering in the months ahead as more tiers become available:

  • Storytelling in words and pictures- from Script to Final Work
  • Comics & Storyboarding- Process & Techniques
  • Freelance- Tips to running a business & working w/Clients
  • Creative Training Techniques- To keep you Fresh & Competitive
  • Tools of the Trade- from Traditional to Digital
  • Discovering your personal Style- How to assess your Abilities & Grow Beyond Them
  • Portfolio Assessment & Preparation
  • Reference & Resources- Must-haves for every working artist
  • and more!!!

By becoming my Patreon here's some of what you get:
  1. You'll receive TWO in-depth POSTS + ARTICLES on the ART & BUSINESS of Storytelling.
  2. You'll receive at least ONE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO or MORE, TALKING about my PROCESS w/real-world examples.
  3. You'll get a FIRST LOOK at Unreleased Projects as well as BEHIND-THE-SCENES stuff.
  4. For some tiers you'll receive ASSIGNMENTS to TEST YOUR SKILLS and BUILD YOUR PORTFOLIO.
  5. FUTURE TIERS will include mentorship, portfolio reviews, + in-depth looks at building your STORYTELLING skills to start or enhance your CAREER.
I believe you'll find something that speaks to your desire for improvement and help you become a Patreon Partner, today.


5% complete

I can upgrade my camera to shoot 4K video for higher res imaging so you can see even more detail. Will also provide more annotated and narrated video segments.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 80 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 80 exclusive posts

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