Shan Jeniah Burton is creating fiction, essays, and poetry amidst life's Lovely Chaos!

Washington Watchers

$1 /mo
For your monthly  Washington, I offer:
  • Access to my behind-the-scenes Patrons-only feed.
  • All celebratory gifts for goals achieved.
  • An immediate thank-you gift when you subscribe.

The Trio Club:

$3 /mo
 Because 3 is my favorite number, your monthly trio of Washingtons entitles you to:

  • All Washington Watchers’ benefits.

Lovely Lincolns:

$5 /mo
To honor your $5.00/month patronage. I offer you:

  • All Trio Club benefits.
  • Let’s be honest: you’re a big part of my suc...

Hamilton Happiness:

$10 /mo
 I love Hamilton!  I’ll reward your $10.00/month patronage with:

  • All Lovely Lincoln benefits.

FiveSquare Friends

$25 /mo
 I’ll compensate your $25.00/month patronage with:

  • All Hamilton Happiness benefits:
  • A free download of any of ...

Granting Graciously:

$50 /mo
For your $50.00/month patronage, you’ll receive:

  • All FiveSquare Friends Benefits.
  • A signed print copy of any ...

99 is Better than 100 Club!

$99 /mo
I’ve always loved 99 more than 100! Your $99/month patronage will be rewarded with:

  • All Granting Graciously benefits.
  • A private...