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  • Hang out with me on the interwebs!
  • Pre-sale Access (you get the sale before the sale!)
  • Podcast/video/newsletter updates (I'm aiming for every 2 weeks) where I tell you about what I'm working on, reading, planning, listening to, watching and what goals I'm trying to achieve.
  • A monthly coloring page download of my creation. You can color it, paint it, turn it into digital art, whatever you want! Post it on Instagram and tag @shanna_lene_hattaway so I can share it.
The Bee's Knees
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  • Monthly Q&A sessions. You provide the Q's and I'll provide my A's!
  • A high quality 8x10 digital download print each month. You can print it at home or have it professionally printed and hang it on your wall or give as a gift! (personal use only)
  • Sketchbook Tour videos and livestreams where you get a more in-depth look at what I'm working on, the beginning of every thing I create, my practice sketches when I'm trying to learn something new or get better at drawing something, basically where it all begins. We'll also dig up some old art and maybe even redraw it.


  • You also receive 10% off anything in my etsy shop.
The Cat's Pajamas
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Thank you for your support! You're The Cat's Pajamas!!!

You'll recieve Tiers 1, 2 and 3 rewards, plus:

All the perks that go along with my Monthly Watercolor Livestream Class, which are :

  • Printable line art that we will use for each class.
  • Access to a super secret Blick U supplies list.
  • Unlimited access to all previous livestream events and tutorials
  • And any assistance you may need for any of my classes, live or previously recorded.
  • You can also request tutorials if you need a more in-depth breakdown of a particular process or want to learn a technique that I haven't previously covered.

  • You also get to go behind the scenes and see my entire creation process from start to finish,


  • You recieve 15% off in my Etsy Store




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About Shanna Lenè Hattaway

Hi!!!! Welcome to my Patreon Page!

I'm Shanna Lenè (luh-nay) Hattaway! I’m a fine artist and freelance illustrator, mother of two, avid gamer and lover of plants.

I’m originally from New Orleans and now live in sunny, sunny Florida. I’ve been a professional artist since 2012. I started with painting murals and then moved to fine art where I learned oil painting. Now I’m focusing on mixed media illustration, building up my portfolio and creating awesome content for my Patrons.

I like to create colorful, whimsical art that's inspired by nature and people and then share it all over the social medias. I also video my creative process, make timelapse videos and put them on Youtube.

Supporting me on Patreon allows me to focus more on creating awesome art projects like prints, stickers, journals and notebooks and spend more time with my kids. Its also helps keep me motivated and on track and give me a way to interact more with real human people. (it gets lonely in here)

Your pledges help me buy art supplies and have a Photoshop subscription, which was a huge game changer by the way. They also help me afford better recording equipment and lighting so I can take better pictures and make better videos. Your support helps me continue to grow, improve and create bigger and better things and share my gifts with the world.

How does Patreon work?

If you like my work and want to help me grow, just choose which tier you'd like to pledge each month. Trust me, even a dollar makes a difference. 

Each tier has it's own rewards, plus the rewards of all the tiers below it. Take my highest tier, for example. If you choose The Cat's Pajamas for $10 a month, you recieve rewards from that tier, The Bee's Knees, The Cat's Meow and The Meowgical Patron.
If you don't want to choose a tier you can make a custom pledge of any amount. 

You can also change or cancel your pledge at any time you want, so no worries!

Not ready to make a pledge just yet? That's ok! You can just follow my feed for a bit before you decide to take the plunge. I release a lot of free stuff here as well.

I'm super grateful for any support that you'd like to give so I can continue to make art for you. 

Shanna Lenè Hattaway

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 69 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 69 exclusive posts
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