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is creating Martial-arts training center for youth
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About Shaolin Temple Tanzania

What is Shaolin Temple Tanzania?
Shaolin Temple Tanzania is a Wushu club registered under Tanzania Wushu Association (T.W.A). Shaolin Temple Tanzania, was founded by Master Mfaume (Co-founder T.W.A) teacher of kung fu in Tanzania (East Africa), who was trained on Shaolin Kung Fu (traditional kung fu) in China at the level of Diploma, in the only college in the World that illuminates the history of Kung fu, over one thousand and five hundred years ago (1500yrs) not else but the authentic SHAOLIN TEMPLE CHINA.
Our Main Objective
Our main objective is to help children and youth of Tanzania and Africa in general to overcome life difficulties through sports especially Shaolin Kung-fu (WUSHU). We aim at developing self-esteem, self-discipline and self-love among the youth so that they can become good citizens to their nations and contribute to build better future for themselves and their community.

Where your funds go
 Master Mfaume and his team are facing various challenges to make the Wushu clubs a success. Mostly the Shaolin Temple Tanzania is facing financial constraints for various issues such as the following.
  • Purchasing/Building the temple (sports center) so that to be independent from renting.
  • Purchasing/making Wushu uniforms for the students.
  • Cooking food for the students.
  • Preparing documents such as registration, exams and certificates.
  • Preparing awareness campaigns for youth empowerment in Tanzania and Africa in general.
  • Supporting children living in vulnerable conditions by giving them bus fare, food, clothes and medical care when necessary.
Therefore we extend our gratitude in advance and we appreciate you helping us to help the youth to achieve their goals. We will make sure that your donations are spent as you intend and we shall provide you with feed back of everything that we do.

Be blessed

(C.E.O Shaolin Temple Tanzania)

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