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Hello Wonderful Supporters, Fellow Housing Advocates & Twitter Fans - 

Thanks to all 100+ of you that support me each month. Please consider asking your networks to support this work. I am currently solely supported through family members and your generous gifts. In 2019 I have received $7,225.90 in support from ~100 folks... including family & friends & fellow organizers ... that helps me pay my rent, for dog care, to support other orgs with donations, to feed me and more. I am very grateful to each of you.

  • Your support allows me to share my knowledge with others without having to charge them. I am frequently asked to meet with individuals and groups for advice about community outreach and engagement. Most of these small grassroots folks do not have the funds for consultants.
  • Your support helps me have the time and resources to engage with journalists, community members, candidates for office and many other people. Providing background for journalists takes hours and often means I am not quoted in the final article. It is critical I am able to be available to have these critical conversations.
  • Your support allows me to organize with Share The Cities, which I founded
  • Your support helps me focus on supporting Matt Hutchins and More Options for Accessory Residents (MOAR) to work towards more backyard cottages.
  • Your support allows me to attend fundraisers and support organizations: 350 Seattle, International Examiner, Rooted In Rights, Real Change and others.
  • Your support allows me time to write about housing and land use:
Where to find me?
Follow me on twitter: @sharethecities

Selected Articles I've authored: 
Open House Kicks Off Station Area Planning for 130th and 145th Street Light Rail
MHA: Mandatory Housing Affordability
Art Exhibit “BOOM: Changing Seattle” Demands Answers
How To Talk To Your NIMBY Parents *as I state in this very well-loved article, I am not a fan of the word NIMBY
5th & Virginia Design Review Meeting: The Start Of A McGraw Square District
Recap From The First Ever YIMBY Conference
Intersectionality And Urbanism
What is the PLUZ Committee?
Acronyms for Action: ISRD
Myra Lara Takes A Whimsical Look at Infill Housing

Listen to me on Upzones PodcastTalking Headways, KIRO Radio

Laura Loe was born in Bogota, Colombia and became a US citizen when she was five years old. Her writing has been published in Data for Progress, The Seattle Globalist, South Seattle Emerald and The Urbanist. 
Thanks so very much! 
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To develop a community engagement kit.

I would like to develop and produce high quality online and print materials based on what I have found are best practices for community engagement.

I could provide this to the individuals and groups who seek me out for advice and free consulting.... instead of just meeting for coffee and having a chat, they'd leave with a more professional set of materials to inform their work, on and offline.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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