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  • I want to share your world. Discuss personal stories, explore favorite hobbies/books/movies/music, engage points of view, etc...whatever you got!

  • By donating $5 a month, you will be able to SUBMIT topics for sharing that the whole community may then VOTE on. This weekly poll will decide how the project spends its Friday - engaged in a space you find meaningful to inhabit. 




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Hi, my name is Anthony.

Child-like activities, such as “show and tell”, exhibit the possible excitement, growth, and vulnerability of sharing. As we get older, these kinds of opportunities become less obvious in their ritual. Resources of time, energy, and imposed responsibility (self or otherwise) can begin to take precedent in shaping who we are, regardless of who we may want to become. I have found sharing to be one of the most important activities we can take part in, exploring this disconnect of desire and outcome.

Throughout the project I intend to embody, and make active, this child-like excitement and vulnerability by being available for sharing, available to difference, and available to change.

I want to share your world, through myself, with everyone else. Let’s see what happens.


4 days a week (Mon-Thurs), for 8 hours a day, I will live stream my daily activities ( as a consumer and explorer of ideas - making available what I am listening to, reading, watching, creating, being inspired way of sharing, as I explore the world with the means I have and new means you offer along the way. 

1 day a week (Fri), for 8 hours, I will engage in a topic of your choice through a live Q&A, something you’re passionate about sharing (decided by a vote-driven community poll taken throughout the week). The responsibility you, as a community, have in introducing me to a new space is no doubt a vulnerable one as well. Let's make this practice a valuable, and nourishing, energy as we mutually navigate our possible relationships to all the communities we can strive to build. Sharing as a means of understanding each other, as well as ourselves.


Through you, I am being vulnerable to approval - exploring the fear of others controlling me, exposing my potential discomfort. I am asking for your permission to allow me to live in a different way...another opportunity of learning what it can mean to share. I asked people close to me to make short videos of "how they would describe me to a stranger" in the Fall of 2019. Here are a few I received, and no doubt inspired me to actually go through with this endeavor (something none of them knew about at the time):





"That's great and all - but WHY DO YOU NEED MY MONEY?"

It's true, I am not offering any "marketable goods" to potential patrons...and only one day a week is being used to engage in this direct practice of creating a ritual for sharing that the entire community takes immediate part in. Why don't I continue working my day job full time (which I am going to continue working on the weekends to make ends meet), while doing this on my day off? There is definitely an instigation of asking you to fund my self-exploration and creative practices through this platform - which I frame as my way of sharing with others, and possibly inspiring or amplifying their own efforts for self-growth. It is no doubt a question of resources, and exploring this "who we are vs. who we want to become" divide with a diligent intensity.

Living in this way isn't for everyone, but I also believe it's not just for me (part of why this project is capped out at 400 patrons - I am NOT looking to make this some kind of lucrative content creator career). Another part of this is exploring the threshold of "what is possible" as a means of navigating the world, asking for your validation in deciding that the choices I am making are meaningful and worth supporting.

By investing in this project you are simply allowing it, and me, to exist, in all of the open endedness that comes with those distinctions. If the implications you can draw from that feel valuable - I would love to hear from you...and if not, send me an e-mail even more readily (sharingelement[at]gmail[.]com), as the sharing I hope to cultivate definitely doesn't stop at potential conflicts that manifest through difference.
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When we reach 200 patrons (half of the total goal!), I'll start a video series where I interview 1 patron every week...or they will interview me? We'll see!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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