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About Madison Stewart

I began to scuba dive at age 11, and by the time I was 14 years old, the sharks I knew and loved and grew up with since the age of 12 had been stripped from the Great Barrier Reef and reduced to a mere few at the hands of unjustified harvesting inside the marine park by commercial gill net vessels approved by the Australian government. I learnt very quickly how easily change can occur, and how conservation was not an option for me, but a necessity, and an obligation to the creatures and the oceans I love… but to be a child who wants to make a difference is not easy, and I needed a way to be heard, this is when I started to make films.
My films are the medium is use, to spark that desire in people, and rid the fear for creatures like sharks that prevents them form doing so, to shed light on injustice and to share what I love with you.

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